Oradour-sur-Glane – a Memorial that Should Never be Forgotten

I knew this would be a difficult story to write.  But after visiting the martyred village of Oradour-sur-Glane and learning about the horrific details of the WWII massacre of 642 innocent civilian men, women and children by the Nazi SS, I felt it was important to tell the story – a story that should be told again and again and again.  Continue reading “Oradour-sur-Glane – a Memorial that Should Never be Forgotten”

Photo Essay: A Day in Limoges, France – Don’t Stop Just for the Porcelain

I think most international tourists zip through central France on their way from Paris to colorful Provence and the sunny shores of the French Riviera.  But as I recently experienced, if you are traveling near the city of Limoges, stop and take in some of its culture and history. Continue reading “Photo Essay: A Day in Limoges, France – Don’t Stop Just for the Porcelain”

PhotoPOSTcard: Bucolic Reflection on the Vienne

The town of Limoges in central France, and the area around it is well known for its fine porcelain production.  The discovery of kaolin in the area in the 1760’s, a critical component for hard-paste porcelain, and a ready supply of water from the Vienne river helped produce a successful French industry that could compete with the popular porcelain products imported from China.   Continue reading “PhotoPOSTcard: Bucolic Reflection on the Vienne”

A Perfect Holiday Escape with Crafty Retreats in Central France

One of my goals for this year has been to take quilting classes from some of the best instructors in the industry so that I could  learn from various experienced quilt artists and get exposed to diverse teaching styles and techniques. I was thrilled to discover Crafty Retreats in central France and a class with Sheena Norquay, one of the UK’s top free motion quilting instructors.  What I did not expect was the absolutely perfect holiday guest experience. Continue reading “A Perfect Holiday Escape with Crafty Retreats in Central France”

Photo POSTcard: Following in Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps

Croque monseur-fancy grilled ham and cheese topped with a sunnyside egg.

I would not presume to follow in Ernest Hemingway’s literary footsteps-but I can follow in his culinary footsteps at Deux Magots, one of his hangouts when he lived in Paris.

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Photo POSTcard: The Louvre at night in the rain

Paris-The city of lights-Beautiful, romantic, iconic in the rain……unless you are lugging your suitcase trying to find your hotel. Continue reading “Photo POSTcard: The Louvre at night in the rain”

Beautiful Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat church

Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat is a beautiful Romanesque style church in the town by the same name in the Limousin region of central France. It is one of 78 structures in France protected under the UNESCO “Routes of the Santiago de Compestela”.  France has four historic “Ways of St. James” as the early Christian pilgrimage roads leading to the town of Santiago de Compestela in northern Spain were called. Santiago de Compestela was believed to be the burial site of St. James, and thus became a pilgrimage destination.

Continue reading “Beautiful Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat church”

Photo POSTcard: French Resistance Remembered

70+ years after the end of World War II, the French Resistance is still remembered. Graffiti on a barn door in the Limousin area of central France symbolizes the victory of the French Resistance over the invading German forces. The V stands for Victory and the double cross is the Cross of Lorraine, the symbol of the French Resistance, chosen by General Charles Du Gaul to represent the resistance movement.

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