Chicago on a Budget – A Winter Weekend Break in My Favorite City

Chicago winters get a bad rap. Yes, Chicago is called the “Windy City” for a reason, and winters there do still get snowy and cold. But like everywhere else in the world, global warming has had its impact here as well, and Chicago winters are nowhere near as frigid as they were when I grew up there in the 70’s and 80’s. If you are looking to visit Chicago on a budget, then consider a winter weekend break in my favorite city as your best option. Continue reading “Chicago on a Budget – A Winter Weekend Break in My Favorite City”

PhotoPOSTcard: Reflecting on My Favorite City

This is my favorite view of Chicago. This is the view I grew up with. As a teenager I used to bike from my house to the lake and along the lakeshore all summer long. Today the parkland along the lake is as popular as ever – even more so as millions of annual tourists also take advantage of the 19 mile Lakefront Trail. Don’t have a bike? Not a problem. Bike rental kiosks are located troughout the city and are popular with locals and visitors alike.

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PhotoPOSTcard: My Kind of Town Chicago Is

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, each one with a distinctive personality and community. It is also a city with a very diverse ethnic population and it takes pride in that diversity and gets its strength from it. Where else would you see a Scottish bagpipe band marching in the annual Chinese New Year parade?

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Reflections from 2019 – An Epic Year of Travel

This was an epic year of travel for me – the best ever. I was very fortunate to be able to go somewhere special each month. I visited National Parks in the US  as well as a few new places in my home country. I had a completely unique experience as a volunteer citizen scientist in Kenya. And my feet touched the soil of South America for the first time. To top it all off, I was totally spoiled on a one of a kind barge cruise on the Burgundy Canal in France. I don’t think any year in travel can get much better.

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There’s a Little Bit of Paradise in the Garden of the Gods Illinois

Despite having lived in Chicago for many years, it is only as a recent visitor back to the state that I discovered the wooded beauty of the Shawnee National Forest and the Garden of the Gods Illinois. Who knew there was so much scenic wilderness in a state known for growing corn?

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