Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC.  In honor of President’s Day, I am sharing a photo of one of my favorite memorials along the tidal basin in Washington DC, honoring one of America’s greatest presidents.

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PhotoPOSTcard: New York City’s 9/11 Memorial

For the 9/11 memorial in New York city, the footprint of the original World Trade Center twin towers has been memorialized as two large reflecting pools. The design, which is called Reflecting Absence, comprises two one acre waterfalls, the largest man made waterfalls in the US. 

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PhotoPOSTcard: Want to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

“If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you”

Since it was built, New York’s Brooklyn Bridge has become a symbol of ultimate gullibility.

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The Bushwick Collective – New York’s Other Art Scene

Not all great art is on display in a museum or a gallery. Some of the most fun art to discover is street art painted on walls, fences and garage doors. In New York city, the best examples can be found in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, which has become a fertile ground for artists that prefer to use a spray can on a wall in place of a paint brush on a canvas. Wander the blocks around the intersection of Troutman St. and St. Nicholas Ave. and explore the mural art that makes up the Bushwick Collective. You’ll find that these days, more than just a tree is growing in Brooklyn. 

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PhotoPOSTcard: World Trade Center Oculus – Not Your Typical Train Station


If you are heading to visit the 9/11 memorial in New York City, the first space you will experience is the Oculus – the train station terminal located at the World Trade Center. From the outside, the Oculus looks like a large white dove taking flight. On the inside, the Oculus is an all white, modern, large, open space. I found the bright and airy building with its soaring architecture very uplifting, not unlike being in one of the large Gothic cathedrals in Europe. A fitting prelude to the somber and peaceful 9/11 memorial.

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Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – New York City, cornet of 7th Ave. and 53 St. sculpture by Robert Indiana.  This sculpture compliments Mr. Indiana’s original LOVE sculpture which he created in 1970.  Just like the LOVE sculpture which exists as copies in locations all around the world, the HOPE sculpture can also be found in Venice, Caracas, Munich, Miami and Vinalhaven, Maine

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Thank You NATJA – I am feeling Very “Olympic” Today

I was thrilled to learn today that NATJA  – the North American Travel Journalists Association – recognized four of the stories and photos from this website in their annual award competition. 

With a field of over 1000 entries, and gold medalists such as National Geographic Traveler as well as some of the best respected travel bloggers in the industry, I am humbled that some of my stories and photos were included in this group of winners.  I am especially inspired by these four wins since my site was only 5 months old when I submitted my entries.

Thank you NATJA for the recognition and the implied encouragement that comes with these wins to keep on traveling and writing and photographing about my experiences.

Here are my winning entries:

Bronze – Luxury and Resort Travel Online Publication category

Luxury Without Murder on the Orient Express


Finalist – Destination Travel, Online Publication category

On the Trail of Dale Chihuly – A Day in Tacoma, Washington


Finalist – Photography: Overall Excellence, Online Publication category

Photo Essay – The Louvre as Art


Finalist – Photography:  Facility or Architectural-Print or Online Category

PhotoPOSTcard: A Peaceful Perspective on the Eiffel Tower


Thank you NATJA and thank you to all of you that keep coming back to read about my experiences. And Congratulations to all the other winners.

Rose Palmer

PhotoPOSTcard: I Left My Heart in San Francisco

All great cities have an iconic piece of architecture that uniquely identifies them at a glance. Paris has its Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben and Rome has the Colosseum. In the USA, one of the most recognizable structures is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

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Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – Fushimi Inari shrine in southern Kyoto, Japan is one of those classic locations and photos that instantly speaks “Japan”. A visit to Kyoto is not complete without a hike through this orange tunnel of torii gates.

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Experience Kyoto’s Shibori Museum – Keeping an Ancient Artistic Tradition Alive

Kyoto’s Shibori Museum preserves and promotes a disappearing tradition for producing decorative Japanese textiles. On a visit not too long ago, I learned that the Japanese art of shibori fabric dying is to tie dying like Leonardo da Vince’s Mona Lisa is to a paint by number canvas – it’s a whole different world of artistry. I took one of the museum’s shibori dying classes where I learned all about this ancient Japanese technique and also went home with a beautiful handmade souvenir. Continue reading “Experience Kyoto’s Shibori Museum – Keeping an Ancient Artistic Tradition Alive”