I believe that life is a patchwork of experiences that should be shared.

I am Rose Palmer and this is where I share my passions with you!

I am a retired PhD chemist with a lifelong love for travel, photography and quilting. Here you will find first hand accounts of my travel journeys, my favorite photos and quilting ideas.

My Experiences.

My Voice.

Your Inspirations.

Travel Inspirations

I like to focus my traveling lens on history, art, architecture, luxury, nature, soft adventures and those unique experiences that expand my intellectual horizons .
Where do you want to go?
What do you want to do?
Let my travel tips and itineraries help you.

Photography Inspirations

Photography has been a life long passion. Let my photos inspire your next experience.

Quilting Inspirations

I look for and participate in quilting related experiences all around the world. I also like to make quilts inspired by my travels and photograph them on location.

I hope you have found some new inspirations here to continue your own life’s patchwork of experiences.
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