Kaleidoscope Quilt Design

Last Updated on 04/01/21 by Rose Palmer

This kaleidoscope quilt was the beginning of my quilting passion. It was the very first quilt I ever made about twenty years ago. (NO-I don’t believe in starting easy).

A local fabric shop was offering a class on how to make this kaleidoscope pattern, and I was fascinated by the design. After buying all the needed supplies and agonizing over the many fabric options, I dove in and made this wall hanging. This was the beginning of a my continuing passion (obsession?) with cutting beautiful and expensive fabric into small pieces so that I can sew them all back together again into one big piece of fabric.

While this quilt was not inspired by my European Waterways barge cruise, I felt that the  fabric colors complimented the barge’s blue and gold color scheme. And, what better way to celebrate my first barge cruise ever than with the first quilt I ever made.

I photographed the quilt on the European Waterways barge La Belle Epoque as I was cruising on the burgundy canal in France.

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