A Day in Versailles at a Golden Palace Designed to Impress

Louis XIV’s palace and gardens at Versailles are a popular excursion from Paris. If you have the time, I suggest spending a day in Versailles to have enough time to explore the palace and vast gardens. I share my impressions of Versailles and also trips on how to get there and how to make the most of your time.

For King Louis XIV of France, size mattered. There is nothing small about the Palace of Versailles and its gardens. Along with size, there is also lots of bling. He built it purposely to impress and overwhelm, feelings that are as much a part of a visit today as they were 350 years ago when the palace was built. Spend a day in Versailles and let yourself be awed by the experience. Continue reading “A Day in Versailles at a Golden Palace Designed to Impress”

Impressions of Monet – Spend a Day in Giverny in Monet’s Garden

A day in Giverny is an easy trip from Paris for all those that are fans of Clause Monet impressionist paintings. I am sharing all the information you need to make this an easy excursion by train from Paris.

If like me, you like impressionist paintings and gardens, then a day trip to Claude Monet’s home in Giverny is a must. Giverny is about 50 miles northwest of Paris and can easily be reached by train for a relaxing scenic break from the busy Paris scene. Continue reading “Impressions of Monet – Spend a Day in Giverny in Monet’s Garden”

Tiptoe Through the Tulips – A Colorful Collection of Longwood Gardens Spring Photos

I love spring flowers and tulips in particular. I am sharing my favorite Longwood Gardens spring photos to inspire your next visit to this amazing botanical garden.

For over twenty years, I have gone each spring to photograph the peak tulip displays at Longwood Gardens in the Brandywine Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Since I cannot go this year, I am consoling myself with all my Longwood Gardens spring photos. I am sharing some of my best to brighten up your spring day.

Continue reading “Tiptoe Through the Tulips – A Colorful Collection of Longwood Gardens Spring Photos”

PhotoPOSTCard: Sending a Vase Full of Hope

Every fall I plant a few bags of tulip bulbs in my garden. I think of them as little packages of hope and promises that will bring color and sunshine after a drab and cold winter. Once they bloom, I cut them and bring them into the house where they bring me joy and make me smile. These days, it’s the little things that make one happy that are all that much more important.

From my family to yours, wherever you are in the world, here’s hoping you have a joyous and safe weekend and if you celebrate it, a happy Easter or Passover.


PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 6

I love foxglove flowers and have tried to grow them, but we do not really have the right conditions here in southeast PA. They like cooler weather and we get hot and humid pretty quickly in summer. Here at Longwood Gardens they start them early and grow them in their greenhouses under the appropriate environment.

Happy spring and stay safe.


PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 2

The March Bank at Winterthur Museum and Gardens starts blooming in shades of yellow as winter aconite and adonis wake up in late February. I usually miss this display because it’s hard to think about flowers and spring when it feels like winter. But by mid March the yellow has given way to shades of blue as squill and glory-of-the -snow carpet a vast area underneath a canopy of large old native trees. The trees are still bare but these little flowers are a promise that green life is not far behind.

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