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Life is a patchwork of experiences. Travel, photography and quilting are my passions. I am a life long learner and these passions provide me with the necessary experiences for my continuous learning journey.

I have traveled all my adult life, especially in the last ten years since becoming an empty nester. I enjoy all types of travel experiences – adventure, luxury, historic, or relaxing. I get a thrill out of visiting a place I have never been to before.

Photography was my first artistic endeavor and has been my continuing passion since my early twenties.  I take photos of anything that inspires me. I especially like to take travel photos in order to share the beauty that is the diversity of this planet.

I started quilting about 25 years ago and it continues to be my primary creative outlet when I am at home. I like to design and make artistic quilts inspired by my travels. I also enjoy learning new techniques and trying patterns developed by others.

I write because I travel. I will be sharing my stories as I travel the world in search of travel adventures, beautiful photos and quilting experiences, to inspire your next learning adventure.

My Story:

My first trip came with a one way ticket.  In 1970, at the age of nine, my parents and I emigrated from Romania to the USA, specifically to Chicago.  To this day, I am amazed at how my parents managed to leave everything they knew behind them, and with only three suitcases, some worthless Romanian money, and a small address book full of contacts, they were able to start a new life.  They worked hard, very hard, and they persevered, and they succeeded – and I benefited the most.

My parents always stressed getting an education – probably because like many of their generation, they had very little.  So I went to college-the first in my family to do so-got a BS in chemistry and biology and then went on to get a doctorate in organic chemistry.  I got married in graduate school, also to another chemist, had our son while in graduate school and then our daughter 5 years later.  While the kids were young I worked part time, primarily in academia.  Eventually I joined the corporate world, working in research, then supporting manufacturing at a chemical plant, and eventually moving into the Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement field where I became first a Black Belt and then a Master Black Belt.  I enjoyed all my various professional roles, but when the company I worked for went through yet another downsizing reorganization, I was more than happy to accept an early retirement package.

I now have the time to indulge in my primary passions.  My number one passion is travel.  The process of planning a trip, reading about a place I know nothing about, and experiencing new sights and cultures satisfied my need for change and for learning something new.  Photography, especially travel photography, taps into my creative side.  Taking photos of my travel experiences helps to frame and imprint them in my mind. Designing and making quilts inspired by my travels also satisfies my need to be creative, but in a much more physical and tangible process.  Besides being visual, quilting is a very tactile art medium – touching and working with the fabric is just as important as the colors, while the actual sewing process is very zen like and relaxing.  These are my main passions – but I also have other interests – flowers, gardening, nature, history, art, architecture, music, food, cruising, and yes, even science.  As I share my experiences, all of these elements will find their way into my posts.

My experiences. My voice. Your inspiration. Enjoy.

Rose Palmer - Quiltripping.com
Rose Palmer – Quiltripping.com

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