Reflections from 2023

My annual recap after an incredible year of travel all over the globe.

“….changes in latitude, changes in attitude….”

This was certainly a year for the record books for me as I travelled across latitudes from the Antarctic all the way up to the Arctic. I can’t believe how many bucket list trips I was fortunate to indulge in. I have become very spoiled by all my travels this year, and I am very appreciative of the many opportunities I’ve had to see so many special places around the world.

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My Unforgettable Day With the Falkland Island Penguins

I did not need a formal tour to see the Falkland Island penguins. This is how I saw three different species of penguins on my own at Gypsy Cove outside Port Stanley during a cruise to Antarctica.

One of my biggest wish list items on my Princess cruise to South America and Antarctica was to see and photograph penguins. I saw penguins floating on large icebergs as our ship cruised the Antarctic peninsula, but even with my big telephoto lens, they were small black dots on a bluish white surface. I finally had the perfect photo opportunity when the ship docked at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

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What Is A Princess Cruise to Antarctica Really Like?

I am sharing everything you need to know about what a Princess cruise to Antarctica is really like, including my packing list for the 4 days of scenic cruising in Antarctica.

“This is unlike any other cruise you have experienced before! It’s an adventure and we are all explorers!” – Captain Todd McBain of the Sapphire Princess.

I wasn’t on board the ship for very long before the captain set the tone for the next 16 days – and he was right, it certainly was an unforgettable adventure!

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Photographing in Antarctica – 19 Antarctica Photography Tips for All Skill Levels

Photographing in Antarctica can be challenging. Whether you use a cell phone or a large digital camera, use these tips to help you get the best possible photos of your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

This story has received an Honorable Mention in the annual Society of American Travel Writers Lowell Thomas competion in the Service Oriented Consumer Work category. This is the premier awards recognition for American travel journalists.

You’ve just booked and paid for that top bucket list trip to Antarctica. It will be your dream trip come true and you want to make sure you come home with the best possible Antarctic photos along with all those special memories.

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Penguins and Ice and So Much More – My Favorite Antarctica Cruise Photos

These are some of my favorite Antarctica cruise photos from my recent trip on the Sapphire Princess that took me around South America and to the Antarctic peninsula. It was quite the adventure.

The feature photo for this post was recognized with an Honorable Mention award in the Landscape and Nature category in the 2023 North American Travel Journalists Association Excellence in Travel Journalism competition.

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