PhotoPOSTcard: A Salty Last Supper

Opened in the 13th century, the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland was one of the oldest operating salt mines in the world until it ceased production in 2007. But what put this mine on the original UNESCO list was the chapels and and intricate statues carved out of salt or carved directly into salt walls of the mine. In the largest and most elaborate St. Kinga’s Chapel, one of the wall reliefs is a salt carved version of Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Colorful Street Art in Krakow

Most of the old protective wall that once encircled Krakow’s Old Town is now gone, but a small section still remains on either side of the Florian Gate. Here, the old wall acts as an outdoor gallery for local artists displaying their colorful canvases. Each morning the artists use ladders to hang their creations, filling all the available vertical and horizontal wall space. An ever changing collage of street art in Krakow.

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Finding Cool Street Art in Istanbul

Street art may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art in Istanbul. But on my recent visit, I discovered some great examples in the area of Kadikoy on the Asian side of the city. Searching out the street art was also a great way to explore this less touristy part of Istanbul.

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Learning Traditional Turkish Paper Marbling in Istanbul

When I travel, I am always on the lookout for new and unique experiences or classes, especially if they involve a creative element. So, when my friend and traveling companion discovered a class where we could learn Turkish Paper Marbling in Istanbul, I knew I needed to fit that into my Istanbul itinerary.

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Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – Human Waterfall sculpture, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE  Of curse the world’s largest mall also has to have one of the largest waterfall sculptures.

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Escape to the Boutique XVA Art Hotel in Dubai

In a city filled with extravagant and luxurious 5+ star hotels, the small, boutique XVA Art hotel in the historic Al Fahidi district of Dubai stands out for its elegant simplicity and unique art decor. The facility hosts a hotel, an art gallery and also a gourmet vegetarian cafe. But most importantly, it’s  a serene refuge in a city that can feel a little too busy at times. A stay at this unique property provides a quiet retreat in an environment that feels both creative and authentic.

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Checking Out Dubai’s Art Scene on a Dubai by Foot Art Tour

Yes – Dubai has an art scene. I should not have been surprised by this. After all, the city itself is a lesson in unique architecture. It is clear that when it comes to buildings at least, form and design are just as important as function. So, I decided to learn more about Dubai’s emerging art scene by taking the Dubai by Foot Art Tour. Continue reading “Checking Out Dubai’s Art Scene on a Dubai by Foot Art Tour”

Finding Street Art in Dubai

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Date With Chihuly in Dubai

It is no secret that I love the work of master glass artist Dale Chihuly. So I will admit that the Palm Atlantis Chihuly sculpture in Dubai was, in part, one of the reasons I wanted to stay there. The combination sculpture-fountain is about 30 ft. tall and is made up of 3000 individually hand blown glass pieces. The sculpture took about two years to complete. It certainly is the show stopping centerpiece to an otherwise stunning hotel lobby.

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Washington DC Monuments – Where are the Women?

Washington DC is well known for its many beautiful monuments and memorials dedicated to the great leaders that helped shape this country. There are architectural wonders designed to honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, among others. But what about the women?  With a little bit of effort, and a lot of walking, you can find the Washington DC women’s monuments and statues dedicated to a few of the many ladies that helped shape our nation.

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