The Best Chicago Street Art – Finding Murals, Sculptures and Other Public Art in the Windy City

The best Chicago street art comes in many forms – and it is free.

Growing up in Chicago I used to spend my teenage summers hanging out along the lakeshore, biking swimming and sunning. Sometimes I would spend my day at one of the many sandy beaches, but more often than not, I would just bike the length of the rocks along the lakefront. Those large limestone blocks were put in place in the early part of the 20th century to prevent erosion but they eventually became a canvas for local want-to-be artists who covered them with cans of spray paint and multi colored paint brushes. This was the Chicago street art of my youth.

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A Day Trip From Cleveland: Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Other Local Sights

A visit to Cuyahoga Valley National Park is an easy day trip from Cleveland, Ohio.

One of my travel goals is to visit all of the National Parks in the US. As I continued my Midwest road trip through Ohio, I was happy to add another stamp in my National Park Passport. My short stop in Cleveland gave me a quick taste of this revitalized city. But most important, the day trip from Cleveland to Cuyahoga Valley National Park let me add another checkmark in the visited column of my National Parks list.

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Discovering Artistic Indianapolis – My Favorite Things to Do in Indy

Not long ago I took a road trip down memory lane with a tour around the Midwest. As I was doing research on what to do and see during a stop in Indy, the list of places to visit in Indianapolis became quite long. Since I only had two days, I decided to experience artistic Indianapolis, of which there were quite a number of choices.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Finding Chihuly in Indianapolis

A few years ago on a Midwest road trip I stopped in Indianapolis and indulged my Chihuly glass art obsession. I visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum primarily to see Chihuly’s Fireworks of Glass and Pergola Ceiling. This is one of his signature inverted chandelier designs that is over four stories tall and has 3200 pieces of glass. I also had fun exploring the museum which is one of the best children’s museums in the country and is also the biggest in the world.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Moment Frozen in Time

One of the best reasons to visit Fairbanks, Alaska in winter is to see the amazing sculptures created during the World Ice Art Championships that are held here each year. The year we visited, this highly detailed and delicate ice sculpture was my favorite. Two acrobats are frozen in time as they perform their aerial acrobatics with ice rings. This sculpture was impressive to see during the day, but it really came alive at night once it was lit up.

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A Date With a Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Kew Gardens

I admit it-I have an obsession with all things made by master glass artist Dale Chihuly. I love the vibrant colors, the movement, and yes, the engineering and science that it takes to make his towering art installations. Throughout my travels, I go out of my way to see his work if it is on display nearby. So, when I was in London this summer, I made it a point to have a date with the Chihuly glass exhibit at Kew Gardens.

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PhotoPOSTcard: When Art Imitates Life

Good street art stops you in your tracks and forces you to take a closer look. Whether it is big or small, it draws you in. The art walk in Frederick, MD has just those kinds of murals. In this photo, can you tell what is real and what is an imitation? The two large windows are both faux, and everything else is real. You can pick up a map of Frederick’s Art Walk at the Frederick Visitor’s Center.

Please note that I was hosted by Visit Frederick. All content is my own.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Five Red Phone Boxes and a Ballerina

This row of five red phone boxes in Broad Court in Covent Garden, London are an Instagram staple. But what you don’t often see in the photos is the lovely bronze ballerina statue that sits right in front of them. The statue is by Italian artist Enzo Plazzota and celebrates the nearby Opera House and School of Ballet. Personally, I think the statue adds to the photo.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Egg-centric London Underground Art

I happened upon this art installation at Gloucester Underground Station just by chance. My hotel was just across the street so this was the station that I was coming to and going from for a few days in London. A little bit of Google research told me that this bit of egg-centric art is called “my name is lettie eggsyrub” by British artist Heather Phillipson, and was only recently installed in June, 2018. This work is one of a number of decorative installations that are part of the Art on the Underground projects which are designed to “enrich the journeys of millions on the Tube every day”.  Apparently “for this commission she [Ms. Phillipson] focused on the egg as an object of reproduction, subject to human interference.” And here I though it was a reference to good breakfast restaurants in the area – shows you what I know. Now I am on a mission to find more London Underground art.

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