A Day in Versailles at a Golden Palace Designed to Impress

Louis XIV’s palace and gardens at Versailles are a popular excursion from Paris. If you have the time, I suggest spending a day in Versailles to have enough time to explore the palace and vast gardens. I share my impressions of Versailles and also trips on how to get there and how to make the most of your time.

For King Louis XIV of France, size mattered. There is nothing small about the Palace of Versailles and its gardens. Along with size, there is also lots of bling. He built it purposely to impress and overwhelm, feelings that are as much a part of a visit today as they were 350 years ago when the palace was built. Spend a day in Versailles and let yourself be awed by the experience. Continue reading “A Day in Versailles at a Golden Palace Designed to Impress”

My Memories of the Eiffel Tower – Is the Eiffel Tower Worth Visiting?

Is the Eiffel Tower worth visiting? After visiting this famous icon numerous times over the past 20+ years, I would definitely still say yes!

For about 4000 years of so, the tallest man made structure was the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, with an original height of 481 feet. A few European cathedrals eventually topped out a bit higher than the pyramid, but they also didn’t reach heights much above 500 feet. Even the Washington Monument built in 1884 was only 555 feet high and only held the tallest structure title for 5 years.

Then, in 1889, Gustave Eiffel built his tower as the entrance for the Paris World’s Fair, and in one fell swoop, almost doubled the height of the tallest building in the world with his tower topping out at 986 feet. The Eiffel Tower has since become one of the most recognizable buildings in the world and the defining icon for the City of Lights. For me, the Eiffel Tower is also  entwined with many memorable visits to Paris over the past 20+ years. Continue reading “My Memories of the Eiffel Tower – Is the Eiffel Tower Worth Visiting?”

Famous Churches in Paris – Gothic at its Best

The French invented Gothic architecture and Paris is one of the easiest places to experience it. Within a twenty minute walk of the Cathedral of Notre Dame are a number of other historic and famous churches in Paris that should also not be missed.

There are many beautiful and famous churches in Paris, France, but the grand dame Gothic Paris church is without a doubt the Cathedral of Notre Dame. And while visitors flock to see it, within a twenty minute walk are a number of  other lovely historic churches that also should not be missed. Read on to discover some of the other churches of Paris at their Gothic best. Continue reading “Famous Churches in Paris – Gothic at its Best”

PhotoPOSTcard: Still Standing Strong

After 1000 years of history, Our Lady of Notre Dame de Paris still stands strong. She is a little rougher around the edges, but her soul still shines through. The spire and the roof are gone but the site looks remarkably clean. For the time being, you can only admire her from afar. Unlike my previous visits, there was no revelry as people stood to watch and take photos. There was a quiet worshipful reverence as tourists continued to admire this historic Paris icon.

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Photo Essay: The Louvre as Art

The Louvre museum in Paris is renowned for its world class collection of art. While I enjoy visiting it and viewing the masterpieces inside, the building is also a piece of art in itself. I can’t resist photographing it whenever I have the chance to visit. I am sharing some of my favorite photos of this oft photographed icon.

The photos in this post won Finalist – Photography: Overall Excellence, Online Publication category in the 2017 North America Travel Journalists Association competition.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Peaceful Perspective of the Eiffel Tower

A view of Paris’s Eiffel Tower at dusk as seen through the Wall of Peace memorial at the south-east end of the Champ de Mars park.

The photo in this post won Finalist – Photography:  Facility or Architectural-Print or Online Category in the 2017 North America Travel Journalists Association competition.

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