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I believe that life is a patchwork of experiences that should be shared.

I am a retired Ph.D. chemist with a lifelong passion for travel, photography and quilting. As a lifelong learner I am constantly looking for the thrilling challenge that traveling to new locations brings me. I like to focus my traveling lens on history, art, architecture, nature, and especially those unique adventures that would interest the educated and adventurous age 50+ creative traveler like myself.

My website is a labor of love where I share my travel experiences to inspire others to go outside their comfort zones and experience the world. With my blog I try to provide the equivalent of a high-end on-line magazine experience. Quality writing and engaging photography are my first priority. I only write about the places where I have traveled, so all my content reflects personal and authentic experiences.

The stories I write for my site are also SEO optimized to insure long term searchability with Google and other search engines. However, I do not sacrifice quality writing or photography in favor of SEO. In fact, I try very hard to produce an engaging post that also makes the Google gods happy. (See my awards for writing and photography below).

Besides producing content for my own website, I am also a regular contributor to Getting On Travel, an award winning, magazine style site that focuses on luxury travel for the baby boomer demographic.

My work (text and photos) has also recently been published in the following publications and websites:

  • Quiltmania – a European print quilting magazine published in  both French and English and distributed internationally
  • Travel World International  – the travel publication  produced by the North American Travel Journalists Association
  • Food, Wine and Travel Magazine – the publication produced by the International Food, Wine and Travel Association
  • Guest post on which received a NATJA Silver award in the Luxury and Resort Travel category
  • Contributor to a variety on collaborative posts to other on line travel blogs

I would be happy to work with you on either a travel, photography or quilting project.

Partnering Possibilities:
  • Sponsored media trips
  • Blog and Social promotions
  • Photography
  • Product, accommodation and destination reviews
  • Brand representative or ambassador
  • Freelance writing
  • Quilting Lectures and Instruction
What you get in return:

A mature, professional and engaged partner. With 25+ years of experience working in the corporate world, I understand what makes a successful business relationship. I can provide well written, insightful articles, captivating and inspiring professional quality photos, and comprehensive social media coverage.

Brands I have worked with:
  • Visit Hershey
  • Washington County Visitor Association, Tualatin Valley, Oregon
  • Travel Portland
  • Visit Big Bend
  • Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
  • Visit Frederick (MD)
  • Explore Fairbanks
  • Biosphere Expeditions
  • European Waterways
  • Row Adventures

Over the past four years since I started the blog, the North America Travel Journalists Association  has recognized my stories and photography with  a total of 18 awards in a variety of writing and photography categories.

For links to these winning posts please go to Awarded stories and photos.

Professional Memberships:
  • I am an active member of the North America Travel Journalists Association  (NATJA)
  • I am also a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) and am part of the Media Trip planning committee
  • I am also a member of the International Travel Writer’s Alliance
Connect with me:

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My site is where I share my travel stories and my quilt designs to inspire others in their new learning experiences.  Let’s work together to promote your brand with my audience.

My experiences. My voice. Your inspiration. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting.

Rose Palmer


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