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I believe that life is a patchwork of experiences that should be shared.

I am a retired Ph.D. chemist with a lifelong passion for travel, photography and quilting. As a lifelong learner I am constantly looking for the thrilling challenge that traveling to new locations brings me. I like to focusing my traveling lens on history, art, architecture, nature, and especially those unique adventures that would interest the educated and adventurous age 50+ creative traveler like me.

With my blog I try to provide the equivalent of a high-end on-line magazine experience. Quality writing and engaging photography are my first priority. I do not partner with affiliates and as a result, you will not see posts geared primarily for increasing affiliate traffic. Like Mark Twain, I firmly believe that “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. Our planet is large and very diverse. I am driven to share my travel experiences to showcase that other life styles, beliefs and cultures are as valuable as ours.

I would be happy to work with you on either a travel, photography or quilting project.

Partnering Possibilities:
  • Sponsored media trips
  • Blog and Social promotions
  • Photography
  • Product, accommodation and destination reviews
  • Brand representative or ambassador
  • Freelance writing
  • Quilting Lectures and Instruction
What you get in return:

A mature, professional and engaged partner. With 25+ years of experience working in the corporate world, I understand what makes a successful business relationship. I can provide well written, insightful articles, captivating and inspiring professional quality photos, and comprehensive social media coverage.

Connect with me:

Please contact me via e-mail at (link is in the side panel)

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This is where I share my travel stories and my quilt designs to inspire others in their new learning experiences. My site may be young but my readership and following are steadily growing. Start with me on the ground floor and we will grow and learn together.

My experiences. My voice. Your inspiration. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting.

Rose Palmer



(Please note I do not provide for guest posts or participate in affiliate programs.)