Desert Magic at a Wadi Rum Luxury Camp in Jordan

As I was researching and planning our itinerary through Jordan and Israel, I set aside one day to explore the desert of Wadi Rum and I knew that I wanted it to include a night glamping at a Wadi Rum luxury camp.

I had not heard of Wadi Rum until I started doing research about what to see and do in Jordan. As it turns out, I had already seen its landscape since this UNESCO protected area has been used as a filming location in many recent blockbuster movies including “Martian”, the “Star Wars” movies and Disney’s “Aladdin”.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Little Bit of Mars on Earth

If you’ve seen the movie Martian then you have seen the unearthly landscape that makes up the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Day tours of the area are common, but for a truly out of this world experience, consider spending a night surrounded by nothing but desert sand and star filled skies.

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A Day Trip From Cleveland: Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Other Local Sights

A visit to Cuyahoga Valley National Park is an easy day trip from Cleveland, Ohio.

One of my travel goals is to visit all of the National Parks in the US. As I continued my Midwest road trip through Ohio, I was happy to add another stamp in my National Park Passport. My short stop in Cleveland gave me a quick taste of this revitalized city. But most important, the day trip from Cleveland to Cuyahoga Valley National Park let me add another checkmark in the visited column of my National Parks list.

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Beyond the Waterfalls – Visiting Niagara Falls, USA

Visiting Niagara Falls, NY is so much more than just seeing the impressive water falls.

Cool off on a hot day as the wind sprays mist in your face. Feel the raw power reverberate through your body as millions of gallons of water flow by so close that you can practically touch it. Taste award winning wines and beers. Or walk in the footsteps of revolutionary war soldiers or escaping Civil War slaves. A long weekend in Niagara Falls, NY gave me all these sensory experiences and so much more.

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Skagway Excursions: Going off the Beaten Path to Explore Carcross, Yukon

A cruise through southeast Alaska is a convenient way to stop and discover the coastal towns that are not always easy to get to by other means. My recent Alaska cruise offered many Skagway excursions to discover this historic port. Tempting as they were though, this time I chose to take my own road less traveled to Carcross, Yukon in Canada.

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Yes, You Should Visit Fairbanks in Winter!

Alaska is a popular travel destination. With glaciers, an abundance of wildlife and the tallest mountain in North America, the diversity of things to see and do is as big as the state. But for most people, an Alaska journey usually takes place in the summer months. Not for my husband and I. Always on the lookout for unique travel experiences, we chose to visit Fairbanks in winter.

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PhotoPOSTcard: It’s a Dog’s Life in Denali

One of the experiences I enjoyed most during my winter visit to Denali National Park a few years ago, was spending some time with the park’s sled dogs. Since Denali NP is under snow for so many months of the year, the rangers use sleds pulled by Alaska huskies to patrol the park. The day we were there, most of the dogs were out with the rangers, but a few were taking it easy in their little wooden dog houses. We were told that if the dogs come out and get on top of their dog houses, they are willing to be social and get attention. This beautiful pup was quite friendly and happy to have us provide some love. And since we were the only people in the park that day because it was the middle of February, we had the dogs all to ourselves.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Denali in Winter

The tallest peak in North America can often be difficult to see. But on a visit to Alaska one winter, I was fortunate to see Denali peeking out above the clouds. In fact, the 20,310 foot tall mountain was visible from almost 200 miles away as I was driving from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

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Rogue Luxury – My Lodge to Lodge Rogue River Rafting Trip Experience

Luxury comes in many forms. There is the obvious five star hotel with concierge service and private infinity pool type of luxury. But for me, experiencing the solitude of pristine, unspoiled wilderness is a more important form of luxury. A lodge to lodge Rogue River rafting trip gave me that experience with the added comfort of sleeping in a bed and hot showers at the end of each day, along with hearty home cooked meals and fine local Oregon wines. Now that is five star luxury indeed.

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