A Girl’s Sweet Getaway Weekend in Hershey, PA

This past summer, a good friend and I went away for a girls weekend in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  We found an abundance of activities in the town that calls itself “The Sweetest Place on Earth”, along with a great quilt show to boot.

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“Aspen Glow” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration –  My inspiration for this quilt was the golden color of the aspen leaves in the fall and the white and gray of the aspen tree trunks.

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A Week at a Quiltworx Retreat in Kalispell, Montana

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to participate in a Quiltworx Retreat on Flathead Lake, Montana, near Kalispell.  It was a relaxing week with lots of instruction, lots of food and lots of sewing. Continue reading “A Week at a Quiltworx Retreat in Kalispell, Montana”

“In Chihuly’s Garden” – Original Quilt Design


Detail view of front

Quilt Inspiration – I took inspiration for this quilt from the brightly colored spiky glass shapes Dale Chihuly uses in many of his installations, like his chandeliers.

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“Quilter on the Orient Express” Original Quilt Design

“Quilter on the Orient Express” – Original Quilt Design
Detail of “Quilter on the Orient Express” Quilt

Quilt Inspiration –  I wanted to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary trip on the Orient Express from Venice to London with a special quilt. The quilt colors were taken from the colors of the Orient Express train line which are royal blue and gold. I felt that the intricate blue and gold paisley fabric represented well the luxury of the experience. The contrasting brown trim picks upon on all the beautiful detailed wood trim inside the train cars. I chose the envelopes block pattern for all the letters my husband and I used to write during the years we were apart before we were married.

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“Not Your Grandfather’s Herringbone” – Original Quilt Design

Rainbow herringbone quilt photographed in Notting Hill
Front of “Not Your Grandfather’s Herringbone” quilt

Quilt Inspiration – The herringbone pattern may be a traditional tweed pattern used in country gentlemen’s clothing, but bright colors on a light grey background updates the pattern to a modern look.

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“I Love Paris in the Springtime” – Original Quilt Design

“I Love Paris in the Springtime” Quilt




Quilt Inspiration –Sometimes you come across a bolt of fabric and you just fall in love with it.  That’s how I felt when I saw the print of the Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower surrounded by spring flowers. I did not know how I would use it in a quilt design when I purchased two yards, but I had to have it. Ultimately, I took inspiration from the stained glass windows of many Gothic churches in Paris, and designed the quilt so that it looked like you were looking out of a window at the Eiffel tower with “stained glass” panels on either side.

Longarm Quilted by Quilts Everlasting.

Photographed in Paris with a view of the real Eiffel Tower.

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A Perfect Holiday Escape with Crafty Retreats in Central France

One of my goals for this year has been to take quilting classes from some of the best instructors in the industry so that I could  learn from various experienced quilt artists and get exposed to diverse teaching styles and techniques. I was thrilled to discover Crafty Retreats in central France and a class with Sheena Norquay, one of the UK’s top free motion quilting instructors.  What I did not expect was the absolutely perfect holiday guest experience. Continue reading “A Perfect Holiday Escape with Crafty Retreats in Central France”

“My Bohemian Princess Quilt” – Original Quilt Design

Front of “My Bohemian Princess Quilt”
The back of “My Bohemian Princess Quilt”

Quilt Inspiration –  The fabric colors for the front of the quilt were inspired by the colorful houses in the towns and villages along Germany’s Romantic Road.  I used various whimsical Tula Pink fabrics which I felt captured the storybook feel of the area. For the back, I used leftover blocks, fabric and border fabric to achieve the striped look.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting.

Photographed in Fussen, Germany.


Will the modern quilt please stand up?

Exploring the Arts in Paducah , KY – A UNESCO Creativity City – Part 3

Which of the two quilts below is from the 1930’s and which one is a modern version of the double wedding ring quilt design?


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