‘This Is Africa” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – I found this original African fabric panel at a quilt show and knew I would need to use it in my African inspired quilt as a colorful reminder of my first trip to Africa. On that first trip, I only took the quilt top to photograph due to space and luggage weight limitations. On that Africa trip I also bought a batik panel at one of the road side vendors which I used on the back of the quilt. By the time I went back to Africa on my most recent trip, the quilt was finished and I took it back with me so I could photograph it complete on location. Continue reading “‘This Is Africa” – Original Quilt Design”

Rowan’s Forest Friends Quilt – An Elizabeth Hartrman Quilt Design

My son: “You know mom, the wall in your grandson’s room would look really good with a quilt hanging on it”.

How could I ignore a hint like that.

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“California Dreamin” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – The colors of the surf and sand. I used two charm packs in shades of blue and yellow by Stonehenge to design a quilt that reminds me of a warm day on a California beach. I set half square triangle blocks in a fishhook pattern, randomly mixing the different shades of blue and gold together.

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Be a Quilt Volunteer – A List of Places to Donate Quilts

Do You love to quilt but don’t know what to do with everything you make? Is your fabric stash getting unmanageably large? Do you have too many UFO’s (unfinished objects)? Do you have fabrics you are no longer thrilled with? Do you have  bins full of scraps? There are a large number of organizations that are thrilled to receive finished quilts or quilting supply donations. I’ve put together a list of places to donate your quilts or  unwanted sewing supplies.

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Project 70,273 – One Amazing Quilter’s Global Legacy

X marks the spot. On a treasure map, a large X means potentially good things in the form of gold coins or jewels. On a contract, X indicates where you sign your name which makes the requirements on that piece of paper legally binding. For the Nazis in WWII, two red X’s on a disabled patient’s medical form meant death.

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“My Merry Christmas Quilt” – Original Quilt Design

Like my treasured Christmas ornaments, my Christmas quilt comes out once a year. When it finally hangs on my family room wall, then I know that the Christmas season has finally begun. And like many of my quilts, I made the back interesting so that I can display it also.

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A Marathon Quilter’s Day – Marathon, Texas That Is

The little old grandma standing in line ahead of me was clutching tightly to her large stack of quilts. Her adult grand daughter was carefully unfolding each one so that it could receive its random number tag for judging in the Marathon Quilt Show. Every once in a while, grandma would correct her grand daughter on which part of the quilt was up. It was clear that grandma was unabashedly proud of all her hard work and was eager to show it off.

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Quilt Design “Whoot Do You Love” – A Reversible Elizabeth Hartman Quilt

This reversible baby quilt uses some of the Elizabeth Hartman quilt designs on both sides of the quilt.

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My Dubai Quilt Show Article is in the Latest Quiltmania Issue

Super excited to share that my first travel and quilting article is now in print in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Quiltmania. The article shares my story about the Dubai International Quilt Show that I attended earlier this year. Pick up a copy of the magazine at your local quilt shop, book store or on line .

Hope you enjoy it.



“This is Africa” – Original Africa Inspired Quilt Design

Original Quilt Design – As we were planning our trip to Kenya and Tanzania, I knew I wanted to memorialize it with some type of Africa inspired quilt, and photograph it on location in Africa.

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