“My Bedouin Desert Blanket” – An Original Quilt Design

Kaffe Fasset striped fabrics set in a rainbow pattern make up this original quilt design.

My Bedouin Desert Blanket Quilt

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Quilt Inspiration – I commemorated our bucket list trip to Jordan with a quilt inspired by pictures of the blankets the Bedouin use on their camels.

Visiting Jordan and especially the ancient city of Petra was always high on my list of places to visit. I was thrilled when we finally had the chance to take a trip to Jordan and finally see this amazing archeological sight.

My "Bedouin Desert Blanket" quilt photographed in Wadi Rum, Jordan
My “Bedouin Desert Blanket” quilt photographed in Wadi Rum, Jordan

To make this quilt, I used 17 different Kaffe Fasset striped fat quarters and arranged them so that each row shared a color or two with the rows on either side of it. The color striations ended up in a ROYGBV order which I always like. To make the diamond pattern, I used half square triangle blocks and set them in a diamond design.

I had fun photographing my quilt in various locations throughout our journey in Jordan including on our visits to Wadi Rum and Petra.

Photographing my quilt at our luxury tent in Wadi Rum
Photographing my quilt at our luxury tent in Wadi Rum

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the back of the quilt while I was in Jordan and had to photograph it closer to home. I guess that is another reason to have to go back for another visit to Jordan.

For the back, I took all the small leftover rectangles and made two long strips which I added as stipes down the length of the quilt. This is one of the many techniques I use for making interesting quilt backs.

The back of my “Bedouin Desert Blanket” quilt

Once again, the quilt was beautifully quilted by my friend Cindy Carey at North Star Long Arm Quilting.

Detail of my Bedouin Desert Blanket quilt
Detail of my Bedouin Desert Blanket quilt

This quilt was also a finalist in the 2017 Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey.


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A colorful and easy half square triangle quilt design using Kaffe Fasset fabricsThe back of my Bedouin Desert blanket quilt using leftover Kaffe Fasset fabrics