Unplugging in Stehekin – a North Cascades National Park Adventure

A six hour plane flight, a three hour car ride, and 2.5 hours on an express boat – that’s what it took to get away from it all in Stehekin, one of the most isolated communities in the North Cascades area of Washington state.  Continue reading “Unplugging in Stehekin – a North Cascades National Park Adventure”

PhotoPOSTcard: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Featured in the cult TV show “Twin Peaks”, the falls get about 2 million visitors a year. For most of the year, the water that feeds the falls is actually diverted to generate hydroelectricity, and then the water is released back into the river below the falls. Though even with only one percent of its water flowing, the 268 foot waterfall still produces a powerful plunge into the pool below.  The falls can be viewed form an Upper Park area with three different overlooks, or the Lower Park area, which is where this photo was taken.  If you are in the area, it is definitely worth a stop.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Mount Rainier Reflection

Mount Rainier looms over the Seattle horizon, looking as if the peak was close enough to touch, even though the national park is a two hour drive away. Mount Rainier National Park warrants a visit of a few days, but if you are short on time, then it can easily be visited as a day trip from the Seattle area. Like its neighbor to the southwest, Mount St Helens, Mount Rainier is also categorised as an active volcano. At 14,410 feet it is the tallest peak in the northwest’s Cascade mountain range, which also lays claim to having the largest glacier in the lower 48 states. Continue reading “PhotoPOSTcard: Mount Rainier Reflection”

On the Trail of Dale Chihuly – a Day in Tacoma, Washington

This story won Finalist-  Destination Travel, Online Publication category in the 2017 North America Travel Journalists Association competition.


Most visitors to Seattle, Washington who want to see works by master glass artist Dale Chihuly would most likely visit the Chihuly Gardens at the base of the Space Needle.  But just 30 minutes to the south in Tacoma, Washington, you can also see a diverse series of his permanent art glass installations set in a variety of very distinct environments. Continue reading “On the Trail of Dale Chihuly – a Day in Tacoma, Washington”

PhotoPOSTcard: Seattle Skyline at Sunset

All great cities have iconic skylines and Seattle, Washington in the US is no exception. If you are lucky, you can get two icons in one photograph – THE mountain, Mt. Rainier, and the Seattle Spaceneedle.

Continue reading “PhotoPOSTcard: Seattle Skyline at Sunset”

Photo Essay: Point-to-Point Steeplechase at Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Horse drawn carriages driven by men wearing top hats; women wearing big floppy hats; antique cars; horses and hounds – it could be a set on Downton Abbey. But it’s the present day at Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s the first Sunday in May and it’s the annual Point-to-Point steeplechase which is the annual fundraising event for the museum. Unlike the flat horse racing at the Kentucky Derby, which is also on the first Sunday of May, a steeplechase involves horse racing and jumping over barriers. Continue reading “Photo Essay: Point-to-Point Steeplechase at Winterthur Museum and Gardens”

Photo POSTCard: If only these walls could sing

Exploring the Arts in Paducah , KY – A UNESCO Creativity City – Part 5
Hotel Metropolitan in Paducah, KY
The Hotel Metropolitan in Paducah, Kentucky

This little building, now the African American Museum in Paducah, Kentucky,  isn’t interesting for the artifacts that it contains inside, but rather for the history of the people that once slept here. Before desegregation, this building, known as the Hotel Metropolitan, was home to many famous African Americans passing through town. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, BB King, Ray Charles, Ike and Tina Turner are some of music’s big names that stayed and played here. I can hear their jam sessions in my mind. WOW!

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Photo Essay: What to Do With an Old Coca Cola Bottling Plant

Exploring the Arts in Paducah , KY – A UNESCO Creativity City – Part 4

What do you do with an old, vacant and run down Coca Cola bottling plant?

If it’s in Paducah, you turn it into a destination. Continue reading “Photo Essay: What to Do With an Old Coca Cola Bottling Plant”

Will the modern quilt please stand up?

Exploring the Arts in Paducah , KY – A UNESCO Creativity City – Part 3

Which of the two quilts below is from the 1930’s and which one is a modern version of the double wedding ring quilt design?


Continue reading “Will the modern quilt please stand up?”

Photo POSTCard : More BIG art – a Toth Sculpture in Paducah

Exploring the Arts in Paducah , KY – A UNESCO Creativity City – Part 2

Using only a hammer and chisel, artist Peter “Wolf” Toth turned a 56,000 pound red oak log into a 35 foot sculpture honoring the Chickasaw Indians who lived and hunted in the Paducah, KY region.

Toth sculpture in Paducah

The sculpture is titled “Wacinton (pronounced wat-cheen-too) and means “to have understanding”.  This sculpture is one of over 70 such statues that make up the ‘Trail of Whispering Giants”.  Toth started the project in 1972 with the goal to donate a giant wooden sculpture of a Native American to each state in the union, which he achieved in 1988.  He continues to created more statues as well as repairing the older ones.

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