PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 1

Last Updated on 08/03/20 by quiltripping

No traveling for me for a while which is OK because spring is my favorite time of year to be at home. I am fortunate to have some of the country’s best public gardens nearby and I have been photographing them in spring for over 20 years. I have lots of photos that I love and have decided to share them as spring unfolds this year. I hope they bring you a little joy in these difficult times.

Winterthur Museum and Garden in Wilmington, Delaware was the life work of Henry Francis Dupont. In the garden he carefully orchestrated a succession of blooming plants, trees and shrubs that provide year long color.

One of my favorite areas in early spring at Winterthur is the Winterhazel Walk where bright yellow winterhazel contrasts with pink and lavender Korean rhododendrons. Underneath, a mass of lenten roses flower in shades of white and pink to compliment the color scheme.

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