PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 2

The March Bank at Winterthur Museum and Gardens starts blooming in shades of yellow as winter aconite and adonis wake up in late February. I usually miss this display because it’s hard to think about flowers and spring when it feels like winter. But by mid March the yellow has given way to shades of blue as squill and glory-of-the -snow carpet a vast area underneath a canopy of large old native trees. The trees are still bare but these little flowers are a promise that green life is not far behind.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 1

No traveling for me for a while which is OK because spring is my favorite time of year to be at home. I am fortunate to have some of the country’s best public gardens nearby and I have been photographing them in spring for over 20 years. I have lots of photos that I love and have decided to share them as spring unfolds this year. I hope they bring you a little joy in these difficult times.

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Mushrooms, Muskets and Funnel Cakes – A Festival Weekend in the Brandywine Valley

On the second weekend of every September, the Brandywine Valley of southeastern Pennsylvania-northern Delaware hosts three major festivals that are a huge draw for visitors to an area that is already rich in historic and cultural attractions. Continue reading “Mushrooms, Muskets and Funnel Cakes – A Festival Weekend in the Brandywine Valley”

Point to Point Horse Racing at Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Horse drawn carriages driven by men wearing top hats; women wearing big floppy hats; antique cars; horses and hounds – it could be a set on Downton Abbey. But it’s the present day at Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s the first Sunday in May and it’s the annual Point to Point horse racing event which is the big annual fundraiser for the museum. Unlike the flat horse racing at the Kentucky Derby, which is also on the first Sunday of May, this steeplechase combines both horse racing and jumping over barriers. Continue reading “Point to Point Horse Racing at Winterthur Museum and Gardens”