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I make quilts inspired by the destinations to which I travel.  Whenever possible, I try to make the quilts before my trips and then take them with me to photograph them on location. The quilt then becomes a special souvenir from that trip and then forever after, becomes a tangible reminder of the wonderful memories from each destination.

On this page are the quilt designs that I developed on my own.

“Burano Sampler” – Original Quilt Design

The front of “Burano Sampler”

Quilt Inspiration – This design was inspired by the bright colorful houses on the island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon. Each of the 64 block is made from a different combination of batik fabrics and represents a different statistical combination in which four half square triangles can be combined.

Longarm quilted with a custom design by Cindy Carey of North Star quilting.

Photographed on one of the bridges overlooking the canal on the island of Burano.

Finalist – 2017 Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, Modern category

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“California Dreamin” – Original Quilt Design

California Dreamin Quilt front
California Dreamin Quilt

Quilt Inspiration – The colors of the surf and sand. I used two charm packs in shades of blue and yellow by Stonehenge to design a quilt that reminds me of a warm day on a California beach. I set half square triangle blocks in a fishhook pattern, randomly mixing the different shades of blue and gold together.

To make the back interesting, I used leftover half square triangle blocks, along with leftover fabric strips and fabric left over from the binding to make the blue and yellow stripes.

Back of California Dreamin quilt

The quilt was longarm quilted with an edge to edge swirly wave patter by Longarm Quilting of Chadds Ford.

I photographed both sides of the quilt along the California coast in the Monterey area when I was attending an Empty Spools quilting class.

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The front of my California Dreamin quilt #quilt #californiaquilt #halfsquaretrianglequiltThe back of my California Dreamin quilt #quilt #californiaquilt #halfsquaretrianglequilt






“My Merry Christmas Quilt” – Original Design

My Merry Christmas Quilt
My Merry Christmas Quilt

Like my treasured Christmas ornaments, my Christmas quilt comes out once a year. When it finally hangs on my family room wall, then I know that the Christmas season has finally begun. And like many of my quilts, I made the back interesting so that I can display it also.

Quilt Inspiration – This quilt design started with a panel that was made up of 16 individual printed designs.  I framed each design log cabin style in shades of green and black and then tied it all together with a red plaid sashing.

For the back, I used a larger Christmas themed panel and set it off center with a variety of Christmas themed strip remnants.

The wonderful longarm quilting was done by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting.

I photographed the quilt with the Christmas display at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

My Merry Christmas Quilt side 2

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Christmas Quilt side 2

My Merry Christmas Quilt #christmas quilt #quilt #redandgreenquilt









“This is Africa” – Original Quilt Design

Africa inspired quilt
Africa inspired quilt

Quilt Inspiration – As we were planning our trip to Kenya and Tanzania, I knew I wanted to memorialize it with some type of Africa inspired quilt, and photograph it on location in Africa.

I found this fabric panel from Africa at a quilt show booth, and knew this would be the basis for a quilted wall hanging. I also bought two jelly roll packs of various African made fabrics, not sure how I would use them, but use them I would. I played around with different ideas with regard to piecing, but in the end simplicity won out for the quilt front. The panel was best accentuated with a few layers of simple batik borders (red and purple) and a pieced border from the jelly roll fabrics (the orange and black patterns).

In the interest of space and weight, I only took the quilt top with me to Africa to photograph. Finding a place to photograph was a challenge since we did not leave the vehicle while on safari – for obvious reasons. On one of our last days, we had a picnic lunch while in the Ngorongoro Crater, so I finally had my chance. Yes, those are zebras in the background.

I purchased a batik collage fabric at a shop in Zanzibar which will become the basis for the back of the quilt. I will post and update when the quilt is finished.

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My Africa trip inspired quilt #quilt #africaquilt #quiltpanel









“Turkish Delight” – Original Quilt Design

back of Turkish Delight quilt
back of Turkish Delight quilt

Quilt Inspiration – I love all the beautiful traditional Turkish Iznik tiles that can be seen in the historic sights in Istanbul like the Blue Mosque and Topkai Palace.  I wanted to make a quilt inspired by all those colorful tiles that I admire so much. When I came across fabric by Free Spirit Designs that was inspired by traditional Turkish tile design, I knew I found the right medium. To showcase the beautiful fabric, especially the border prints, I designed my own version of a large, square tile, using fabric instead of clay.

Longarm Quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting.

Photographed in Istanbul. The front of the quilt was photographed outside of the harem building in Topkapi, Palace (thanks to my friend and travel companion Jennifer for suggesting the location set up). The back of the quilt was photographed in Gulhane Park.

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Istanbul quilt back #quilt #turkishquiltl Turkish Delight Quilt front #quilt #turkishquilt









“My Bedouin Desert Blanket” – Original Quilt Design

The front of “My Bedouin Desert Blanket”

Quilt Inspiration – This quilt was inspired by the brightly colored woven striped blankets the Bedouins use on their camels.  I used 17 different striped Kaffe Fasset woven broadcloth fabrics and arranged them in a blending color graduation.  The blocks are half square triangles arranged to make a diamond pattern in each row.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of Northstar Quilting

Photographed in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Finalist – 2017 Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey


“Sunset on the Mesa” – Original Quilt Design

Front of “Sunset on the “Mesa”

Quilt Inspiration – The sky, brush and sandstone formations of the American Southwest at sunset. Made with batik fabrics, graduating from green to blue in one direction and orange to dark rust in the other direction.

Longarm quilted by Quilts Everlasting

Photographed at Arches National Park, USA by my friend Jennifer.


“My Bohemian Princess Quilt” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – The fabric colors for the front of the quilt were inspired by the colorful houses in the towns and villages along Germany’s Romantic Road.  I used various whimsical Tula Pink fabrics which I felt captured the storybook feel of the area. The half square triangle blocks were arranged in a flying geese design, randomizing the color in each row. For the back, I used leftover blocks, fabric and border fabric to achieve the striped look. A quilt fit for a baby princess.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting.

Photographed at Hohenschwangau Castle and at Neuschwantein Castle, Germany.

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The front of "MY Bohemian Princess" quilt #quilt #tulapink #princessquilt #halfsquaretrianglequiltBack of "My Bohemian Princess" quilt #quilt #tulapink #girlquilt




“I Love Paris in the Springtime” – Original Quilt Design 

Quilt Inspiration –Sometimes you come across a bolt of fabric and you just fall in love with it. That’s how I felt when I saw the print of the Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower surrounded by spring flowers. I did not know how I would use it in a quilt design when I purchased two yards, but I had to have it. Ultimately, I took inspiration from the stained glass windows of the many Gothic churches in Paris, and designed the quilt so that it looked like you were looking out of a window at the Eiffel tower with “stained glass” panels on either side.

Longarm Quilted by Quilts Everlasting.

Photographed in Paris, France in view of the real Eiffel Tower.

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Paris Eiffel Rowr inspired quilt #paris #qilt #parisquilt



“Not Your Grandfather’s Herringbone” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – The herringbone pattern may be a traditional tweed pattern used in country gentlemen’s clothing, but bright colors on a light grey background updates the pattern to a modern look.  The colors in the quilt were inspired by the many colorful houses in the Notting HIll neighborhood of London, set against grey fabric that is inspired by London’s traditional grey skies. The back of the quilt is a rainbow also set against a grey sky.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star quilting.

Photographed in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London.

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The back of the "Not Your Grandfather's Herringbone" quilt #quilt #rainbowquilt #quiltback




“Quilter on the Orient Express” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration –  I wanted to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary trip on the Orient Express from Venice to London with a special quilt. The quilt colors were taken from the colors of the Orient Express train line which are royal blue and gold. I felt that the intricate blue and gold paisley fabric represented well the luxury of the experience. The contrasting brown trim picks upon on all the beautiful detailed wood trim inside the train cars. I chose the envelopes block pattern for all the letters my husband and I used to write during the years we were apart before we were married.

Longarm quilted by Quilts Everlasting

Photographed on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express

Finalist – 2017 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza


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Orient Express Quilt



“In Chihuly’s Garden” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – I took inspiration for this quilt from the brightly colored spiky glass shapes Dale Chihuly uses in many of his installations, like his chandeliers. The front of the quilt uses 30 different batik fabrics graduating in color from yellow to orange to orange pink to dark pink. These are all set against a royal blue batik background.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting.

Photographed in the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Finalist – 2017 Pacific International Quilt Festival



“Aspen Glow” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – My inspiration for this quilt was the golden color of the aspen leaves in the fall and the white and gray of the aspen tree trunks. I used a palette of modern print fabrics: nine fat quarters in shades of gold, and gold with white and grey contrasted with twelve fat quarters in shades of gray and gray and white. I used a half square triangle design which I felt mimicked the look of the leaves and developed a random pattern of combining the golds with the grays to give the appearance of a modern interpretation of a forest of aspen trees.

Longarm Quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting in a large modern wave pattern that is reminiscent of the wind blowing through the trees.

Photographed on the Conundrum Trail outside of Aspen, Colorado and on top of the Grand Mesa, Colorado.



“I’m Turning Japanese” – Original Japanese Kimono Quilt Design


Quilt Inspiration – This design takes it’s inspiration from the many beautiful Kimonos I have seen on my trips to Japan.

I used a Japanese themed panel for the focus design of the body of the Kimono. To complement the panel, I used a half square triangle design that looks like the shape of a crane; using complimentary Japanese style fabrics.

Longarm quilted by Quilts Everlasting.

Photographed in Tenjuan gardens which are part of the Nanzen-ji temple complex in eastern Kyoto.

Finalist – 2016 Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey



“In Honor of Valor” – Original Flag Inspired Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration–  Inspired by the many memorials in Washington DC, I designed my version of the American stars and stripes, using various red and cream fabrics for the stripes and blue and white star fabric for the stars.

The quilt design is made up of half-square triangles set in a diagonal line pattern. The dimensions of the quilt closely follow the required flag dimensions of 1.9 length to 0.5 width. Similar to a true US flag, there are thirteen red and white stripes and fifty blue and white starred squares.

I quilted on my domestic machine using a series of long, random wavy patterns in the white stripes only.

The quilt was photographed in Washington DC at the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, the Vietnam Women Veteran’s Memorial and at Arlington Cemetery.


“Ribbon Dance” – Original Modern Quilt Design

Ribbon Dance original quilt design

Quilt Inspiration – this quilt started out as the back to another quilt.  I did an improvisational layout with all the leftover blocks and strips of fabric.  I liked the result so much that I decided to make it its own quilt.

Longarm quilted by Cindy Carey of North Star Quilting

2nd place ribbon – 2016 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, Modern category

Finalist-2017 Spring Paducah Quilt Show, Modern category



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