Reflections From 2017

I love taking reflection photos.  There is something about the symmetry of a perfect mirror image that never gets old for me. Or the juxtaposition of the inside and the outside of a window reflection.  As a result I am always drawn to photographing reflections. Sometimes the reflections make up the whole photo and sometimes they are just a small element, but  with each trip, I always come back with a few more.

Here are my favorites from 2017, at the same time, chronicling my travels for this year. 

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A Week at a Quiltworx Retreat in Kalispell, Montana

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to participate in a Quiltworx Retreat on Flathead Lake, Montana, near Kalispell.  It was a relaxing week with lots of instruction, lots of food and lots of sewing. Continue reading “A Week at a Quiltworx Retreat in Kalispell, Montana”

Photo Essay: Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park

I think that the Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Glacier National Park, Montana passes through some of the most stunning scenery of any National Park in the US.  Here are 25 photos to inspire your next visit. Continue reading “Photo Essay: Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park”

PhotoPOSTcard: Sunrise Reflection Over the Swiftcurrent River

As the sun rises, it casts a golden glow on the high mountain peaks overlooking the Swiftcurrent River in Glacier National Park, Montana. A perfect example of why it is important to continue to protect the natural beauty of our National Parks and National Monuments.

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