Reflections From 2017

I love taking reflection photos.  There is something about the symmetry of a perfect mirror image that never gets old for me. Or the juxtaposition of the inside and the outside of a window reflection.  As a result I am always drawn to photographing reflections. Sometimes the reflections make up the whole photo and sometimes they are just a small element, but  with each trip, I always come back with a few more.

Here are my favorites from 2017, at the same time, chronicling my travels for this year. 

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Photo POSTcard: Finding Christmas in Japan

During my trip to Japan this November, I was surprised at how many Christmas decorations I saw throughout my travels. I did not expect to find Christmas in Japan.

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My 25 Favorite Japanese Experiences to Inspire Your Next Travel Itinerary

Japan is one of my favorite travel destinations. The unique mix of east and west in this culturally rich country continues to fascinate me. I am sharing my 25 favorite Japanese experiences in photos to inspire your next trip to this amazing country.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion – Kinkaku-Ji Temple

The setting sun glows off the gold leaf on Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, aptly named the Golden Pavilion. Continue reading “PhotoPOSTcard: Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion – Kinkaku-Ji Temple”

Photo POSTcard: Toyokuni Shrine – The Hall of One Thousand Tatami Mats

The Island of Miyajima is best known for the large floating tori gate in its harbor and for the Itsikushima shrine which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the buildings that make up the Itsikushima compels is the Toyokuni Shrine which has the nick name “Hall of One Thousand Tatami Mats” because of its large size.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Not Your Typical Mt. Fuji View

Most photos of Mt. Fuji  in Japan show clear blue skies and cherry blossoms or autumn leaves in the foreground. This photo is probably more realistic though. 

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Foliage Festival Food Stall In Japan

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Photo POSTcard: Shichi-Go-San – Japan’s Cutest Festival

The Japanese love their varied festivals and holidays.  For a visitor, the festival with the highest adorable factor has to be Shichi-Go-San, or the 3-5-7 festival which refers to the ages of the children that participate.

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Photo Essay: Hunting for Gold in Colorado – Aspen Gold

25 photos to inspire your next autumn road trip to Colorado to see aspens at their golden peak of color. My husband and I just returned from a wonderful nine day loop around the state, searching for gold- aspen gold. I think we succeeded in finding it, along with other great scenery – don’t you? Continue reading “Photo Essay: Hunting for Gold in Colorado – Aspen Gold”

PhotoPOSTcard: Maroon Bells Reflection at Sunrise

The Maroon Bells claims to be the most photographed spot in Colorado, which is not surprising as it is a perfect mountain setting reflected in a clear and pristine lake, all of which is easily accessible from a parking lot not far from Aspen. To capture the perfect sunrise shot, expect to share the shoreline with a few hundred other photographers, especially during peak aspen color season. We may all have gotten the same photo that day, but what a beautiful photo.

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