Bathing Like a Sultan – Overcoming Naked Inhibitions in a Turkish Bath in Istanbul

Enjoying a hamam, or Turkish bath in Istanbul is a unique experience in Turkey. I wanted to try it on my first visit to Istanbul, but to do so, I would have to set aside my inhibitions about being seen naked by strangers. Could I do that?

I know I have a typical American hang up about public nudity. Hollywood may show a lot of bare skin, but that’s not me on that screen. Plus, at my age, I feel like I am losing both the battle of the bulge and the battle with gravity. I am not sure that I really should subject the world to seeing my body without clothes on.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Frame on Downtown Dubai

Dubai’s newest (for now) big attraction is a 300 foot tall picture frame. After walking through displays showing old Dubai, an elevator whisks you up to the top where you get panoramic views of old Dubai on one side and new, downtown Dubai on the other. The elevator then whisks you back down to displays of a fantastic future Dubai.

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Checking Out the Dubai Art District on a Dubai by Foot Art Tour

Yes – Dubai has an art scene. I should not have been surprised by this. After all, the city itself is a lesson in unique architecture. It is clear that when it comes to buildings at least, form and design are just as important as function. So, I decided to learn more about the Dubai art district by taking the Dubai by Foot Art Tour. Continue reading “Checking Out the Dubai Art District on a Dubai by Foot Art Tour”

Finding Dubai Old Town on An Easy Walk Along Dubai Creek

Take a walk along Dubai Creek and explore its two sides to find remnants of Dubai old town. It is along the shores of Dubai Creek that the area was settled in the 1830’s, and it is here where I was able to still find some examples of traditional Dubai. On the south side of the creek is the Bur Dubai neighborhood where I explored the Al Fahidi Historical area, the Dubai Museum and the Bur Dubai Souq. Then, after taking a ride across the creek on a traditional abra to the northern Deira side, I explored the exotic Spice and Gold Souqs.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Dubai’s Burj AlArab Icon

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab has become the city’s most recognizable icon, which is saying a lot considering that this city has an abundance of uniquely shaped buildings. The sail shaped hotel sits on its own little island, and is the only (self proclaimed) seven star hotel in the world. The only way to experience the inside of the hotel is with a reservation for a room, a meal, or afternoon tea (which is what I did – more about that later).

At sunset, it looks like it is ready to set sail into the distant seas.

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