PhotoPOSTcard: Keeping Watch

Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square Garden

Last Updated on 12/14/19 by quiltripping

This statue of two time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stands in Parliament Square Garden in London and has him looking directly toward the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It’s almost as if he is standing guard and keeping an eye on the Houses of Parliament across the street.

Besides all the holiday activities in London the first week of December, I also experienced the annual NATO meeting (Dec. 3 and 4). As I went to Westminster Abbey to hear a Christmas concert on Dec. 3, I encountered an interesting scene in Parliament Square. Parliament Square Garden was surrounded by the flags of all the participating NATO countries. On one side of the Churchill statue the garden was busy with tourists looking at all the statues in the garden and locals passing through on their way home. On the street opposite the Churchill statue, Parliament Street had a double road block and a shoulder to shoulder wall of over 50 policemen and women barricading the street. To say that this sight was intimidating is an understatement.

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