PhotoPOSTcard: A Perfect Big Bend Sunset Windows View

One of the easiest and most rewarding trails in Big Bend National Park is the 0.3 mile Windows View Nature trail.  The best and most popular time to walk this easy trail is at sunset – and you can see why. Benches along the paved walkway let you sit and enjoy mother nature’s show.  In this photo, I’ve included a silhouetted of one of the many desert plants in the park, a common sotol with its  mound of spiky leaves and its tall flower stalk.

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Please note that my visit to the Big Bend area was hosted by Visit Big Bend but all content is my own.


A Marathon Quilter’s Day – Marathon, Texas That Is

The little old grandma standing in line ahead of me was clutching tightly to her large stack of quilts. Her adult grand daughter was carefully unfolding each one so that it could receive its random number tag for judging in the Marathon Quilt Show. Every once in a while, grandma would correct her grand daughter on which part of the quilt was up. It was clear that grandma was unabashedly proud of all her hard work and was eager to show it off.

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Quilt Design “Whoot Do You Love” – A Reversible Elizabeth Hartman Quilt

This reversible baby quilt uses some of the Elizabeth Hartman quilt designs on both sides of the quilt.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Portland’s Classical Lan Su Chinese Garden

Despite being surrounded by busy city streets, the walled Lan Su Chinese Garden is a peaceful oasis in the Old Town Chinatown section of Portland, Oregon. The garden is designed along the lines of a classical Chinese garden found in Suzhou, Portland’s sister city in China. About 90% of the plants in the garden are native to China, though they all came from gardens and nurseries in Oregon. The garden is only the size of a city block, but with its many paths, garden rooms and garden structures, it feels much bigger. Escape here for a few hours of calm and quiet with a cup of tea and almond cookies after a busy day of sightseeing.

Please note that my stay in Portland was hosted by Travel Portland. All content and opinions are my own.

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A Spring Day in Portland, OR Gardens

Whenever I page through gardening magazines, the gardens that always catch my eye are invariable located in the Pacific Northwest of the US. With a mild climate and good soil, it is not surprising that Washington, Oregon and northern California boast wonderful gardens.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Peeking Into Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Looking out through a blind into the Jackson Bottom Wetlands in Tualatin Valley, OR, as a drake persistently courts a female duck. It’s spring and romance is in the air, even for ducks.

Please note that my visit to the Tualatin Valley Quilt Barn Trail was sponsored by the Washington County Visitor’s Association. All content and opinions are my own.

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Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – Covered Wagon quilt block on the Quilt Barn Trail just outside of Forest Grove, in the Tualaltin Valley, Oregon. This quilt block and the Nelson Mandella quote are appropriate together in so many different ways.

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