Reflections from 2023

My annual recap after an incredible year of travel all over the globe.

“….changes in latitude, changes in attitude….”

This was certainly a year for the record books for me as I travelled across latitudes from the Antarctic all the way up to the Arctic. I can’t believe how many bucket list trips I was fortunate to indulge in. I have become very spoiled by all my travels this year, and I am very appreciative of the many opportunities I’ve had to see so many special places around the world.

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My Favorite London Photo Spots that Make London Unique

London is one of my favorite cities to visit and these are some of my favorite London photo spots that show off London’s unique personality.

I have posted many individual photos of my London visits in my PhotoPOSTcard series. I thought I would put together photos from my favorite London photos spots that define some of the experiences that I think make London Unique (though it was hard to pare down the list to just 25).

These 25 photos are certainly not enough to showcase everything that London has to offer, but it is enough to show how colorful and charming and unique London can be.

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Cruising Like a Princess – A Complete Regal Princess Cruise Review With Photos

In this Regal Princess cruise review I share my detailed expereinces on this beautiful Royal Class ship, including lots of photos.

I was lounging in a deck chair with an Irish coffee in hand, tucked under a cozy blanket and watching a movie on the big screen as the sun set behind me.

I do not think of myself as a princess – quite the contrary. But occasionally, I do like being treated like one. For a little while, it’s nice to have someone else make my bed, cook my meals, and bring me a specialty drink when I am in the mood for one.

A cruise gives me all this and more. I love being on the water. I love the feeling of the gentle rocking of the ship under my feet. I love staring at the ocean and watching the sunshine play on the waves. And I love feeling and smelling the salty breeze when I am on deck. Being on a ship gives me a sense of serenity that I don’t normally feel when I am on land.

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Discovering the Many Beautiful Churches in Iceland – A Photo Journey

As I toured the land of fire and ice, I discovered a wide variety of of beautiful churches in Iceland. In this photo essay, I share images of the many different church designs I saw during my travels.

During my visits to Iceland, I became infatuated (obsessed?) with looking for and photographing the many unique churches that I came across as I traveled around the land of fire and ice.

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In the Land of Fire and Ice – My Beautiful Photos of Iceland and Favorite Iceland Photography Spots

Sharing my 50 favorite Iceland photos after two trips to Iceland: driving the ring road on one trip and circumnavigating the island with Iceland ProCruises on the MS Seaventure expedition ship on a second trip.

I’ve been fortunate to visit Iceland twice in the last year, and both trips were extremely memorable. On my first visit, I drove all around the island over the course of two weeks, exploring the nooks and crannies as well as stopping to see the major tourist sites.

My most recent Iceland trip was a circumnavigation cruise on the expedition ship MS Seaventure with Iceland ProCruises where I had a chance to see Iceland from a different perspective.

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Shore Excursions in Iceland – How I Spent a Day in Iceland’s Most Popular Ports

The shore excursions in Iceland with Iceland ProCruises allowed me to see the more authentic side of this beautifully scenic country.

Iceland is a beautifully scenic country which has also made it an extremely popular tourist destination. Cruising around the island is an easy and comfortable way to see the highlights. In the summer months, Iceland ProCruises organizes Iceland circumnavigation tours that shows off their country’s best sights along with some less visited gems that are unique just to their itineraries.

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Experiencing Authentic Iceland in Style – An Iceland ProCruises Review

Iceland has become one of my favorite destinations. With its diverse and stunning scenery, warm and friendly people, and a foodie culture focused on fresh and local ingredients, what’s not to love. On my recent Iceland ProCruises circumnavigation cruise, I had the chance to travel around Iceland in complete comfort and ease while local guides showed off all the best experiences their country had to offer.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Puffin and His Dinner

One of the highlights on my recent Iceland ProCruises tour was a stop to Flatey Island. This is a private island with summer holiday homes and Iceland ProCruises is the only tour company allowed to stop here.

The island has a large puffin colony that is easy to get to and to photograph. This little guy or gal had just gone fishing and was standing there with his catch, keeping a close eye on all of us. He clearly had no intention of sharing.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Amazing Grace

This beautiful swan was following me as I walked along the canals of Burano in the early morning. I think it was hoping to get some food, but I had none to give. I waited for quite a while for the swan to swim to this particular section of the canal where the colorful houses were reflecting shades of pink and yellow. Eventually, it cooperated. Patience is a virtue that I don’t always have, but in this case, it paid off.

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What to do in Burano – My 25 Colorful Photos and Tips for Visiting Burano, Italy

In some ways I love Burano more than Venice – it is so colorful and photogenic. Use these Burano photos as inspiration for visiting Burano. I am also sharing tips for what to do in Burano and tips for why an overnight Burano stay is even better.

I love the little island of Burano, Italy in the Venetian Lagoon. Visiting Burano for a day or half day is a common side trip from Venice, but spending the night was even better. Once the day trippers were gone, I had the island practically to myself – well, along with all the locals of course.

In this guide I share my favorite photos along with many tips on what to do in Burano from all my trips to inspire a day visit or an extended stay on this easy excursion from Venice.

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