Photo POSTcard: Italy’s Majestic Dolomites

One final view of Italy’s majestic Dolomite granite peaks before we move on.  This view is in the Rosengarten/Cantinaccio region. The German name, Rosengarten, derives from a legend about the dwarf king Lauren who supposedly had a rose garden here, but because of a curse, it can only be seen at sunset. These peaks average around 9000 ft. and since they are west facing, beautifully capture the orange glow of sunset.  As with other regions in these mountains, there are ample scenic hiking opportunities in the area.

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Photo POSTcard: Oberamergau, Germany-A Little Town With Lots of Action

Oberamergau in southern Germany is best known for its every 10 year Passion Play, its colorfully painted houses, and it’s wood carvings. Continue reading “Photo POSTcard: Oberamergau, Germany-A Little Town With Lots of Action”

Photo POSTcard: Germany’s Highest May Pole


The tradition of putting up a may pole on May 1 is alive and strong in the Bavarian region of Germany. Continue reading “Photo POSTcard: Germany’s Highest May Pole”

Photo POSTcard: “Prost” in Munich

You had better be very thirsty if ordering a beer at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. A standard glass of “helles” (light) or “dunkel” (dark) is a liter of brew. Continue reading “Photo POSTcard: “Prost” in Munich”

Photo POSTcard: Following in Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps

Croque monseur-fancy grilled ham and cheese topped with a sunnyside egg.

I would not presume to follow in Ernest Hemingway’s literary footsteps-but I can follow in his culinary footsteps at Deux Magots, one of his hangouts when he lived in Paris.

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Photo POSTcard: The Louvre at night in the rain

Paris-The city of lights-Beautiful, romantic, iconic in the rain……unless you are lugging your suitcase trying to find your hotel. Continue reading “Photo POSTcard: The Louvre at night in the rain”

Photo POSTcard: French Resistance Remembered

70+ years after the end of World War II, the French Resistance is still remembered. Graffiti on a barn door in the Limousin area of central France symbolizes the victory of the French Resistance over the invading German forces. The V stands for Victory and the double cross is the Cross of Lorraine, the symbol of the French Resistance, chosen by General Charles Du Gaul to represent the resistance movement.

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