PhotoPOSTcard: Spring Symphony Opus 1

No traveling for me for a while which is OK because spring is my favorite time of year to be at home. I am fortunate to have some of the country’s best public gardens nearby and I have been photographing them in spring for over 20 years. I have lots of photos that I love and have decided to share them as spring unfolds this year. I hope they bring you a little joy in these difficult times.

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A Date With a Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Kew Gardens

I love the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly, so I could not resist seeing the Chihuly glass exhibit at Kew Gardens in London.

I admit it-I have an obsession with all things made by master glass artist Dale Chihuly. I love the vibrant colors, the movement, and yes, the engineering and science that it takes to make his towering art installations. Throughout my travels, I go out of my way to see his work if it is on display nearby. So, when I was in London the summer of 2019, I made it a point to have a date with the Chihuly glass exhibit at Kew Gardens.

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“Step Into My Garden” – A Perfectly Imperfect Watercolor Quilt Design

This was one of the first quilts I started, and many years later, once the kids were off to college and I had more time, it was also one of the first quilts I finally finished. It also taught me that there can still be beauty in imperfection, even if the mistake is huge.

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Spring in the Brandywine Valley – My Travel World International Magazine Article

How to experience spring in the Brandywine Valley gardens.

I absolutely love spring in the Brandywine Valley of southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. At this time of year I don’t need to travel because I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens in the country. Starting in March and continuing nonstop through May, the gardens that were formerly part of DuPont family estates glow in a riot of vibrant colors as a succession of blooms brighten the landscape and my spirits with them.

You can read my article about spring in the historic Brandywine Valley in the most recent issue of Travel World International magazine.

You can see more spring garden photos in my post Tip Toe through the Tulips-A Colorful Collection of Spring Garden Photos at Longwood Gardens.

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Quilting with Flowers – Discovering the Colorful Quilt Gardens in Elkhart, Indiana

Discover the Quilt Gardens in the heart of Amish country in Elkhart county Indiana as you follow the Heritage Trail to see gardens designed like quilt blocks.

I’ve seen quilts displayed on beds and hanging on museum walls. I’ve also seen quilt designs painted on barns and on the sides of buildings. But one of the most unusual quilt displays I’ve seen has to be the Quilt Gardens in Elkhart, Indiana. More than one million blooms make up seventeen large quilt designs that are on display each year from May 30 to Sept. 15.

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One Day in Marrakesh – A Stroll Through the Majorelle Garden

If you have only one day in Marrakesh, I highly recommend a visit to the Majorelle Garden. This is one of the most visited tourist sites in the city – and for good reason. Amid the calm green oasis, pops of color provide a jolt to the senses. Yet the shades of yellow, teal and royal blue all harmonize with the hundreds of shades of green in such a way that you can’t imagine one without the other.

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PhotoPOSTcard: In Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh was created by French artist Jacques Majorelle in the 1920’s. The garden’s is famous today though because it was purchased and restored by Yves Saint-Laurent in the 1980’s. Regardless of of its high profile owner, the garden is a visual treat. Cobalt blue accents are a punctuation of color amid the green and silver foliage. That particular shade of blue was developed and patented by Jacques Maorelle and is named after him – Majorelle blue.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Menara Gardens, Marrakesh

I found the Menara Gardens in Marrakesh to be a lovely place to get away from the tourist crowd and stroll through the gardens with the locals. The garden is centered around a large reflecting pool that is especially scenic at sunset when the distant Atlas Mountains are reflected in the still waters.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Little Bit of Italy in Marathon, TX

No, this is not Italy – this is still Texas. The Gage Gardens in Marathon, TX is a beautiful garden in the middle of the desert. It’s a surprisingly green and lush landscape amid the dry native desert that surrounds it. The 27 acre garden includes ponds, walking and jogging trails and a nine hole putting green.

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Please note that my visit to the Big Bend area was hosted by Visit Big Bend but all content is my own.

PhotoPOSTcard: Portland’s Classical Lan Su Chinese Garden

Despite being surrounded by busy city streets, the walled Lan Su Chinese Garden is a peaceful oasis in the Old Town Chinatown section of Portland, Oregon. The garden is designed along the lines of a classical Chinese garden found in Suzhou, Portland’s sister city in China. About 90% of the plants in the garden are native to China, though they all came from gardens and nurseries in Oregon. The garden is only the size of a city block, but with its many paths, garden rooms and garden structures, it feels much bigger. Escape here for a few hours of calm and quiet with a cup of tea and almond cookies after a busy day of sightseeing.

Please note that my stay in Portland was hosted by Travel Portland. All content and opinions are my own.

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