Finding Paradise in Eve’s Garden B&B

I like to find interesting and funky accommodations when I travel. That’s not saying that I don’t stay at chain hotels when I just need a quick night’s sleep as I move from one location to another. But when I want to experience the real personality of a destination, then I prefer to stay in a unique local establishment. Eve’s Garden B&B in Marathon, TX was one of the most unique, colorful and tasty stays I have ever had.

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A Marathon Quilter’s Day – Marathon, Texas That Is

The little old grandma standing in line ahead of me was clutching tightly to her large stack of quilts. Her adult grand daughter was carefully unfolding each one so that it could receive its random number tag for judging in the Marathon Quilt Show. Every once in a while, grandma would correct her grand daughter on which part of the quilt was up. It was clear that grandma was unabashedly proud of all her hard work and was eager to show it off.

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