Photo Inspirations

Photo Location – Fushimi Inari shrine in southern Kyoto, Japan is one of those classic locations and photos that instantly speaks “Japan”. A visit to Kyoto is not complete without a hike through this orange tunnel of torii gates.

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Experience Kyoto’s Shibori Museum – Keeping an Ancient Artistic Tradition Alive

Kyoto’s Shibori Museum preserves and promotes a disappearing tradition for producing decorative Japanese textiles. On a visit not too long ago, I learned that the Japanese art of shibori fabric dying is to tie dying like Leonardo da Vince’s Mona Lisa is to a paint by number canvas – it’s a whole different world of artistry. I took one of the museum’s shibori dying classes where I learned all about this ancient Japanese technique and also went home with a beautiful handmade souvenir. Continue reading “Experience Kyoto’s Shibori Museum – Keeping an Ancient Artistic Tradition Alive”

PhotoPOSTcard: Colorful Portrait Session in Gion

As my husband and I walked around the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan early one morning, we came upon this colorful couple posing for formal photos. There were about four or five people involved with the staging and photography, posing the couple this way and that, fixing creases on the clothes, moving the umbrella slightly to the left, changing the white umbrella to a red one. Then it was time for photos of just the young woman by herself, with the husband?, fiance?, boyfriend? hanging out in the background, looking pretty bored. I presume this was a special and happy event for the two of them, but neither one cracked a smile the whole time. I sure hope they lived happily ever after.

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Photo Inspirations

With the beginning of a new year comes goal setting and resolutions. One of my resolutions is to continue to inspire you.  To that end, I am starting a new series featuring my favorite travel photos combined with my favorite quotes.

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Photo POSTcard: Finding Christmas in Japan

During my trip to Japan this November, I was surprised at how many Christmas decorations I saw throughout my travels. I did not expect to find Christmas in Japan.

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My 25 Favorite Japanese Experiences to Inspire Your Next Travel Itinerary

Japan is one of my favorite travel destinations. The unique mix of east and west in this culturally rich country continues to fascinate me. I am sharing my 25 favorite Japanese experiences in photos to inspire your next trip to this amazing country.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion – Kinkaku-Ji Temple

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