“Remembering Venice” – Original Quilt Design

Venice inspired quilt

Last Updated on 04/01/21 by Rose Palmer

Quilt Inspiration – I made this quilt to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary trip to Venice.  Blue and red seem to be the traditional colors of Venice-gondaliers wear blue-and-white or red-and-white striped shirts. The traditional carnival masks tend to use a red or blue diamond patterns, so I knew those would be the predominant colors in the quilt.

Looking at photos of the city I also saw that many of the marble floor designs used a checkerboard pattern of squares, set on point, so I chose that as my basic quilt design. To make the squares more interesting, I used a paisley border fabric, and using a “stack-n-whack” method, I cut out four identical triangles which I combined to make each square block. For the border, I used a red fabric that had been made using marbling techniques similar to those used in Venice to make paper.

For the back of the quilt, I used up all of the remaining border fabric in an asymmetrical cross hatch pattern.

The quilting was done by Quilts Everlasting.

The quilt was photographed overlooking the various canals in Venice during our 30th anniversary trip.

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Venice quilt