PhotoPOSTcard: At Jerusalem’s Western Wall

At Jerusalem's Western Wall

Last Updated on 12/31/20 by Rose Palmer

For all my friends and readers that are celebrating Hanukah, I thought I would share a photo of the Western Wall from our trip to Jerusalem a few years ago.

The portion of the Western Wall that is visible and that is important to Judaism was first built by Herod the Great. He built a series of walls to enclose and expand the usable space for the Temple Mount thus creating more space for the Second Temple. Archeologists say that the large square stones at the bottom of the wall are still from Herod’s time of around 19 BCE.

The wall and the plaza in front of it is open to all, though be aware that modest attire is required and men need to have their heads covered (guards can provide coverings if needed). A common practice is to leave prayers on little notes of paper, fold them up and press them into the cracks in between the stones. The papers are collected a few times a year and buried in a Jewish cemetery. Yes-I did place a small sheet of paper with a prayer for health and happiness for all my family into the wall.

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