There’s a Little Bit of Paradise in the Garden of the Gods Illinois

The Garden of the Gods Illinois and Shawnee National Forest provides outdoor recreation, interesting history and beautiful scenery, all of which is within an easy 6 hour drive from 30 cities and towns in the Midwest. After road tripping through the Midwest, I am sharing my list of things to do in Garden of the Gods, Illinois.

In Garden of the Gods Illinois

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Despite having lived in Chicago for many years, it is only as a recent visitor back to the state that I discovered the wooded beauty of the Shawnee National Forest and the Garden of the Gods Illinois. Who knew there was so much scenic wilderness in a state known for growing corn?

Where is Shawnee National Forest?

I discovered Shawnee national Forest on a Midwest road trip not long ago. I was traveling to discover new destinations in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

The southern tip of the state of Illinois is defined by the meandering Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Nestled in between these two major US waterways are 280,000 acres of federally managed lands that spread out across nine counties. In fact, Shawnee Forest is called the Land-Between-the-Rivers.

Within this vast acreage are seven designated wilderness areas that are protected and managed to preserve the natural conditions of the environment. This natural landscape provides an outdoor playground for urban residents in 30 cities that are within an easy 6 hour drive.

Looking out over Shawnee National Forest

While most of the state of Illinois is flat with rich soil suitable for farming, the southern tip is covered in unique rock formations, river carved canyons and bluffs with scenic overlooks that were gouged out in the last ice age.

During the ice age the enormous Laurentide Ice Sheet covered much of Canada and North America and was responsible for creating the Great Lakes. The southernmost edge of this two mile thick sheet of ice was in the area that now makes up Southern Illinois.  While the retreating ice sheet flattened the terrain in its path, this part of Illinois maintained its rocky, water carved geography.

Exploring the Garden of the Gods, Illinois

One of these seven wilderness areas in southern Illinois is Garden of the Gods – not to be confused with the park by the same name in Colorado. However, this Southern Illinois version also has interesting rock formations and scenic hiking trails through shady forests. If I didn’t know better, I would swear this wasn’t Illinois.

The easy and rewarding Observation Point trail took me through a deciduous canopy and past sculpted rocks and bluff overlooks with wide scenic vistas. I made sure not to miss the much photographed Camel Rock which also appeared on the 2016 America the Beautiful quarters series.

Camel Rock in Garden of the Gods, Illinois
Camel Rock in Garden of the Gods, Illinois

The trail is only 1/4 mile but I spent almost an hour exploring the nooks and crannies and going off the path onto some of the large boulders so I could see more of the distant views. I think this would be fantastic spot to see the fall colors when they peak.

More Shawnee National Forest hiking near Garden of the Gods, Illinois

You can find information about all the hiking trails in the area at the Shawnee National Forest website.  If you like backcountry hiking and camping look into 160 mile River-to-River trail. If long distance hiking is not your thing, there are also plenty of day hikes available.

Besides the Observation Point trail, I also tried the short 0.5 mile Rim Rock trail which has been designated a National Recreation Trail and which goes along the edge of a rock escarpment.

DSC0117 2
The stone remnants of a prehistoric Indian rock wall on the Rim Rock Trail

Along this hike I came across the crumbled remains of an ancient stone wall built by prehistoric Indians about 1500 years ago. The wall was almost 150 feet long and was strategically located to block the only accessible route to the top of the bluff where the Indian tribe lived. If it wasn’t for the interpretive sign, I would have thought this was just another random pile of mother nature’s stones.

Other things to do near Garden of the Gods, Illinois

There is a surprising abundance of other things to do near Garden of the Gods, Illinois. From unique local history to interesting scenery, it wasn’t hard to fill my day.

Cave-in-Rock State Park

As the name of the park implies, the focus at Cave-In-Rock State Park is a huge 55 foot wide limestone cave that was formed thousands of years ago. This landmark on the Ohio River became Illinois’ first state park.

Today, the cave is an interesting sight and is easy to visit since it is not very deep. Local legends say that in the early 1800’s the cave became a hideout for the many river pirates and gangs of outlaws that roamed the region, including the infamous Jesse James, who preyed on the river commerce heading to markets as far south as New Orleans.

Explore Cave-in-Rock State Park
Looking across the Ohio River from inside Cave-in-Rock

In more recent history, the Cave-in-Rock has been the backdrop for Hollywood. In 1956 Disney filmed Davy Crockett and the River Pirates here and in 1962 John Ford used the cave for a scene in his wild west epic movie How the West Was Won. The nearby Cave-in-Rock Kaylor’s Restaurant proudly displays photos from the cast of the Disney film.

Display of photos from the movie filming of Davy Crockett and the River Pirates

Take a scenic ferry ride to Kentucky 

You can drive IL Route 1 from Chicago all the way down to the town of Cave-in-Rock and then take a free ferry across the Ohio River to Kentucky and explore the local Amish community there. Or, you can just do a joyride on the river and go to Kentucky and then come back to continue your explorations of Southern Illinois, which is what I did.

Taking a ferry joyride across the Ohio River

There is not much to see or do in the town of Cave-in-Rock, but that has not stopped one of its residents from making sure the town looked pretty. Using old bicycles, she spray painted them in bright colors and added coordinating flowering baskets. These home made art-sculptures added fun and whimsy as I approached the ferry dock in town.

Illinois Iron Furnace

This restored example of the iron furnace used in the area during the 1800’s provided a glimpse into what was once a thriving industry in this part of the state. There are informative displays that describe the history and the process for making pig iron from the naturally occurring local resources. There is also a visitor information center and a picnic area at the site.

Illinois Iron Furnace historic site in Shawnee National Forest

American Fluorite Museum

Fluorite (or Flurospar) is the state mineral of Illinois. The geology that has made this part of the state so scenic has also been ideal for the formation of fluorite which is the mineral name given to the chemical calcium fluoride.

The many colors of fluorite

Fluorite can crystalize in a variety of colors that include shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, pink and white. Local American Indians used the mineral for jewelry and ceremonial carvings. In the 1870’s it was discovered that fluorspar, which is the industrial name for fluorite, was useful in removing impurities during the steel production process. This created a fluorite mining boom in this region of Southern Illinois.

A sculpture celebrates the men and women that made a living from the fluorite mining

Fluorite is the primary source of fluorine which has many modern commercial uses including its use in fluoride treatment for cavity prevention and also in a number of common medical pharmaceuticals.

While fluorite is no longer mined in the US, the American Fluorite Museum remembers this important era of local history. Located in the former office building of the Rosiclare Lead and Fluoride Mining Company, this interesting little museum was a treasure trove of colorful mineral samples and various mining paraphernalia.

You can find some of the equipment used in fluorite mining on the site of the American Fluorite Museum

You can also dig to find your own sample of fluorite. And if you are in the area during the first week of October, check out the annual Hardin County Fluorspar Festival.

Cabins near Garden of the Gods, Illinois

There are quite a number of lodging options in the Shawnee National Forest area. You can find a more comprehensive list on the Southernmost Illinois tourism site.

Shawnee National Forest Cabins

I stayed at the Shawnee Forest Cabins  which are the closest cabins near Garden of the Gods. You can choose from one or two bedroom cabins that have all the comforts of home and come with a fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace and a fire pit outside. The one bedroom cabins also have a hot tub on the deck.

My stay here was quite comfortable and certainly provided more than enough space and amenities for  my two night stay.

Timber Ridge Outpost

I also checked out the interesting  Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins  which gives you a variety of lodging options for cabins in Southern Illinois. You can stay in a cabin, a treehouse or a full sized house. All units come fully equipped with kitchens, campfire areas, firewood, camp chairs and are pet friendly.

One of the treehouse cabins at Timber Ridge

After a day of hiking, I made sure to pick up a refreshing ice cream at their Garden Of the Gods Outpost which also comes with a real old fashioned phone booth (remember those?).

The Outpost

Other hotels near the Garden of the Gods, Illinois

For other places to stay near Garden of the gods, Illinois, look into Cave-in-Rock State Park lodging an also the River Rose Inn in nearby Elizabethtown, IL. I also checked out both of these though I did not stay here.

Cave-in-Rock State Park Lodging

Cabins at Cave-In-Rock State Park are fully equipped with a kitchen and a private deck with wonderful views looking out over the Ohio River.

The view at Cave-In-Rock State Park cabins

The Historic River Rose Inn 

Built around 1830, the Historic River Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast in Elizabethtown is the oldest hotel in Illinois and is another option for lodging in Southern Illinois. The hotel sits on a bluff looking out over the Ohio River and its large veranda takes full advantage of the views. Each of the five rooms was uniquely decorated and comes with a small fridge, microwave and coffee pot.

The Historic Rose Hotel

Where to eat in near Garden of the Gods, Illinois

Cave-In-Rock State Park has an on site restaurant which is known for its fried chicken and catfish. I enjoyed a great meal sitting out on the deck looking out over the Ohio River.

Another spot on the river for daily fresh caught catfish was the E-Town Restaurant which is just a short distance down river from the River Rose Inn. It’s not fancy, but you won’t find a fresher or better fried catfish dinner. That fish on my plate was still swimming just a few hours before I devoured it. This was also a great spot to catch a spectacular sunset over the Ohio River.

E-Town Restaurant on the Ohio River in Southern Illinois

I hope my experiences in Southern Illinois have inspired you to search for the great outdoors in the land between the rivers and to discover all the fun things to do in Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods, Illinois.

DSC0349 2
Watching the sun set from the E-Town Restaurant

From the Shawnee Forest area you can take a short drive to Paducah, Kentucky and visit the amazing National Quilt Museum. You can read about my Pilgrimage to Paducah to find out all about this UNESCO designated Creativity City.

For another Illinois visit to my favorite city of Chicago that is easy on the pocketbook, you can read my Chicago on a Budget post.

On this trip, I continued my Midwest explorations in Indiana, discovering the artistic side of Indianapolis.

Please note that my visit was hosted by the Southern Illinois Tourism Bureau and by the Shawnee Forest Cabins. All content and opinions are my own.

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