Swimming in the Dead Sea in Style – Tips for a Dead Sea Visit

I share my experiences swimming in the Dead Sea in both Jordan and Israel and share tips for the best Dead Sea experience.

You’ve probably seen the photos – the ones of a person effortlessly floating in an almost sitting position while reading a newspaper. This is often the typical marketing image associated with the Dead Sea. The reality is that swimming in the Dead Sea is so much more than that.

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Finding Mars on Earth at a Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp in Jordan

Wadi Rum is a popular desert destination in Jordan. Broad stretches of reddish tinged sand are interspersed with fantastical rock formations that dwarf over tourists riding in camel caravans. I’ve been fortunate to visit twice, each time staying at a Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp while experiencing the unique activities this desert offers. I share my personal experiences and lots of tips for planning a trip to Wadi Rum.

I had not heard of Wadi Rum until I started doing research about what to see and do in Jordan. As it turns out, I had already seen its landscape since this UNESCO protected area has been used as a filming location in many recent blockbuster movies including “Martian”, the “Star Wars” movies and Disney’s “Aladdin”.

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Why I was Thrilled to Finally Visit Little Petra

On my second visit to Jordan I was finally able to visit Little Petra. Much smaller than its famous neighbor, I found this site to be a nice compliment to all that I had seen at Petra.

The “lost” city of Petra in Jordan is no longer lost – in fact it is quite famous. It was rediscovered in 1812 by the intrepid Middle East explorer Johann Ludwig Burkhardt, and since then has become a very popular tourist destination.

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How to Visit Petra – 25 Petra Travel Tips For A Perfect First Time Visit

Are you planning to visit Petra? After two trips to Petra, I share this long list of tips to help make your visit to Petra memorable and easy.

There are many wonderful things to do and see in Jordan, but for most, a trip to the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East is not complete without a visit to the rose city of Petra.

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Ancient Petra Photos – A City of Mysteries in Black and White

Petra has been described as a city of mysteries and nothing accentuates that more than seeing Petra photos in black and white.

The ancient city of Petra is Jordan’s premier historical site and also the country’s most visited tourist destination. It is also a popular photography subject.

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Inside Petra by Night and Day – How to Spend 1 or 2 Days in Petra

The Treasury is its most recognizable landmark but there is so much more to see inside Petra. I share ideas for a 1 day and 2 day Petra itinerary to give you options on the best way to explore the mysteries of Jordan’s most popular sight at a leisurely pace. I also share information about the Petra by night experience.

Read on to discover all there is to see inside Petra, Jordan, the “Rose City”, one of the 7 New Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage site. I have been fortunate to visit Petra twice in the last couple of years and I am sharing all my Petra visit experiences as well as all some of my best Petra photos to inspire and to help you plan your own trip to this unique historic wonder.

Regardless of whether you have 1 day in Petra or are planning to spend 2 days in Petra, you should find these travel tips helpful.

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13 Petra Photography Tips For All Skill Levels

After visiting Petra twice, I am sharing my Petra photography tips so that you too can have memorable images of your once in a lifetime experience regardless of whether you are using a fancy camera or your smart phone.

Petra was at the top of my travel bucket list for a long time so I was thrilled when I finally had the chance to visit this world famous sight in Jordan.

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Reflections From 2022

My annual review in words and photos from an incredible year of travel.

Wow! I have been so very fortunate to have had the most incredibly memorable year for travel! And what a difference 12 months can make!

It’s taken me a while to write this up as it was a very, very busy year, but I am continuing my annual end of the year post tradition by reflecting on where I’ve been in 2022 – and sharing some of my reflection photos in the process.

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Tips for an Independent 10 Day Israel and Jordan Itinerary

I planned our 10 day Israel and Jordan itinerary around my most important criteria: spending two days in Petra. A visit to the Petra Archeological site was high on my travel bucket list and I wanted to have plenty of time to take in this ancient wonder.

A ten day trip to Jordan and Israel was definitely not going to be enough time to see all that these two history rich countries had to offer, but that was all the time we had. So I prioritized what I wanted to see and built my itinerary around this, adding in time to get from one place to another.

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