PhotoPOSTcard: A Peaceful Perspective of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower as seen through the peace wall

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A view of Paris’s Eiffel Tower at dusk as seen through the Wall of Peace memorial at the south-east end of the Champ de Mars park.

Finalist Seal

The photo in this post won Finalist – Photography:  Facility or Architectural-Print or Online Category in the 2017 North America Travel Journalists Association competition.

The Mur de la Paix or Wall of Peace is a work of contemporary art put up in 2000 and represented entry into the third millennium.  The structure is made up of twelve glass panels with the word PEACE written in 32 languages and 13 alphabets.

The Wall of Peace was originally designed to be up for only 4 months, but 17 years later it is still standing.  When I walked by it this summer, it was fenced off, and reportedly is in need of repair. This photo was taken in 2011 when access to the glass walls was still open.

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