PhotoPOSTcard: I Left My Heart in San Francisco

San Francisco's G;den Gate Bridge

Last Updated on 06/08/18 by Rose Palmer

All great cities have an iconic piece of architecture that uniquely identifies them at a glance. Paris has its Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben and Rome has the Colosseum. In the USA, one of the most recognizable structures is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

From the time it was completed in 1937 until 1964, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. While it no longer holds that title today, the bridge continues to grab peoples’ imaginations. With its bright orange-red  towers and gracefully curving steel ropes set against blue skies and water, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a perfect lesson in complimentary color composition. But besides being aesthetically pleasing, its international orange color also serves a functional purpose. The color can be easily seen by ships when the bridges and the bay are shrouded in fog.

At any time of day or during any weather, San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge is a landmark that is at the top of the list for every visitor to the bay area.

I left my heart in San Francisco – did you?

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