PhotoPOSTcard: A Foliage Festival Food Stall In Japan

Food Sta;; in Japan autumn foliage festival;

Last Updated on 10/27/20 by Rose Palmer

Food stalls, craft vendors selling their wares in tents and American country music blaring over a loudspeaker – It’s a fall foliage festival.  But this one is in Kawaguchico Japan, within sight of Mount Fuji.

The food stalls may look a little different, but the spirit of the event is the same as back home in the US. Bus loads of Japanese tourists are here to see the Maple Corridor, a long canal lined with Japanese maple trees in full peak color.  The path on either side of the canal is packed as everyone tries to get photos under the trees.  Other Japanese maples scattered throughout the landscape also draw attention, photos and numerous selfies.  And of course there is Mt. Fuji in the background, which also draws more photos for the brief period it was visible. A general party atmosphere prevails. Then the buses leave, the vendors close up shop, the music stops, and all is quiet.

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