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dandelion light sculptures

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Photo Location – Dandelion Light Sculptures in Burj Park, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An obvious appreciation for art and design is very evident throughout Dubai. You can see it in the interesting shapes of all the new construction. And you can see it in the art and sculpture adorning the public spaces. From malls to parks, form and function coexist to produce an aesthetic whole.

In this case, fourteen 22 foot tall lighted dandelions grace the path from the Dubai Opera to the Burj Khalifa. According to it’s producers, Art in Public Space “The nature of this installation is to capture floral delicacy of nature that is transformed into the macroscale by using top quality materials. The effect is further enhanced, especially after the sunset, where wonderful lighting effects add to the overall impression for the viewing audiences.”

These lighted dandelion sculptures compliment the lighted fountain display in the lagoon nearby and the light display produced by the Burj Khalifa.  It all makes for a wonderful, colorful and even better, free, show once the heat of the day dissipates and cooling evening breezes make for an enjoyable stroll along Burj Park.

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dandelion light sculptures