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I cannot live without books

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Photo Location: Al Fahidi Historic District, Dubai. This old area of Dubai has been restored and now you can walk its narrow lanes to discover colorful art galleries, quaint museums and tasty cafes.

This quirky little sculpture was in the window of the building across from one of the entrances to my hotel. I think I actually walked past it about three times before realizing what it was. Just another example of how you can look and not see.

Thomas Jefferson uttered this famous quote as the tenth wagon filled with his personal library of books left Monticello for Washington DC. Jefferson had sold his meticulously accumulated collection to the Library of Congress who had lost its collection of books when the British burned the US Capitol Building on Aug. 24, 1814. Jefferson had collected over 6500 volumes over the course of 50 years. He then went on to resupply his personal library, again accumulating 1600 more books by the time of his death.

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