Chocolate for the Mind, Body and Soul – A day at the Hotel Hershey Spa

Entrance to the hotel Hershey spa

I have never been to a spa. So this summer, when a girlfriend and I were planning a weekend in Hershey, PA, we decided to indulge ourselves to a day of chocolate treatments at the world renowned Hotel Hershey Spa.

The Hotel Hershey Spa offers a variety of spa treatments and packages. But as they say, when in Rome……..or in this case Hershey,”The Sweetest Place on Earth”.  Since the town and the hotel were built upon an empire of chocolate, there was really only one logical choice for us – we went all out and indulged in the complete Chocolate Escape Package.  This would be a whole day event and included:

Whipped Cocoa Bath

Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Lunch at the Oasis-the spa restaurant

Chocolate Fondue Wrap

50 minute Cocoa Massage

First of all, let me just say – it was absolutely FABULOUS!


The elegant Hotel Hershey
The Mediterranean lobby of the Hotel Hershey

The Hotel Hershey is a historic building, and is in itself an amazing destination. To reach it, you drive a long, uphill road, and then the hotel finally comes into view, sitting at the top of the hill, like a grand dame holding court over everything else that is Hershey down in the valley below. The hotel was built to Milton Hershey’s exacting standards with a Mediterranean theme, especially in the large entrance lobby.

The spa, or rather The Chocolate Spa as it is known, is in its own wing overlooking the hotel gardens, and takes up three floors. Everything about the facility exudes elegance and style.

Morning Chocolate Spa Expereince

The women’s changing rooms

Our day started in the morning by changing into the plushest and softest robe I have ever experienced.  Then we started with the Chocolate Bath. This is not a bath in a tub full of hot chocolate as you might imagine. Rather it was a bath at just the right temperature, with chocolate scented bubble bath and a dusting of cocoa powder. The bath was 15 minutes in a private room with subdued lighting and soothing music – just the right amount of time to begin to relax. Any stress and worries went down the drain with the bathwater at the end of the soak.

Next came the Chocolate Cocoa scrub, again in a private room with low lighting and soothing music. Every body part was exfoliated with a coarse scrub that included cocoa nibs and other ingredients.  I didn’t realize how much my back itched until the technician started scrubbing – it felt sooooo good. At the end of the treatment, the technician rinsed me off with a large shower wand right there on the treatment bed so I did not even have to get up to do that. All “private” parts were covered with towels throughout the process and the whole treatment was done very discretely. This aspect of having to expose my body to a stranger was one of the things that worried me a bit. But I needn’t have worried.  The technician was very discreet and professional and I felt very comfortable and was getting more relaxed by the minute.

Lunch at the Oasis

The Oasis at the Hershey Spa
Desert and a cocktail – the best part of lunch

By this time it was lunch which we enjoyed in the Spa’s Oasis dining room.  Still in our comfy robes and slippers, we had a choice  of a variety of tasty salads and meat dishes, and of course deserts.  For me this had to get washed down with one of their signature chocolate martinis.  If I wasn’t relaxed by this point, I certainly was by the time I finished that potent cocktail.

Afternoon Chocolate Spa Expereince

After the ninety minute lunch, the next treatment began, the Fondue Wrap.  This started with a soft brushing of all exposed body parts. Then the technician applied a mixture made of special mud and cocoa ingredients. Finally, I was wrapped up in warm blankets to allow the mixture to detoxify the body. I think I dozed off for a bit as I was wrapped up in that warm coccoon. Once again I was rinsed off while laying on the treatment bed. After the rinse, the technician applied a lotion made with cocoa butter.

The final treatment was a fifty minute body massage with a coco butter lotion. I think by this point I was getting my second wind, because instead of relaxing, I ended up having a very entertaining conversation with the young lady doing the massage. But by the time she was done, my skin felt silky smooth and my muscles were like (chocolate) pudding.

Once our treatments were over, and also in between treatments, we spent time in the various other relaxation spaces that exist in The Chocolate Spa. There was the quiet room which looked and felt like a comfortable wood paneled library, and had a balcony looking out over the gardens. Here is where you could also get snacks and drinks.  When this room became a little too busy, we went across the hall into the silent room which was blissfully empty and quiet.  There was also the aromatherapy room, which smelled really, really good.

Unfortunately, before long it was late afternoon and it was time to leave. The locker room provides all the necessary amenities to get cleaned up and is very spacious. The building’s Mediterranean theme extend to this space, making it very attractive.

A rainy day is a great day for an all day spa treatment

The day and all the treatments were amazing. But I have just one regret – I should have also done a chocolate facial so that every part of my body benefited from all this special treatment. Oh well – next time.


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