Desert Magic at a Wadi Rum Luxury Camp in Jordan

As I was researching and planning our itinerary through Jordan and Israel, I set aside one day to explore the desert of Wadi Rum and I knew that I wanted it to include a night glamping at a Wadi Rum luxury camp.

I had not heard of Wadi Rum until I started doing research about what to see and do in Jordan. As it turns out, I had already seen its landscape since this UNESCO protected area has been used as a filming location in many recent blockbuster movies including “Martian”, the “Star Wars” movies and Disney’s “Aladdin”.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Little Bit of Mars on Earth

If you’ve seen the movie Martian then you have seen the unearthly landscape that makes up the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Day tours of the area are common, but for a truly out of this world experience, consider spending a night surrounded by nothing but desert sand and star filled skies.

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