PhotoPOSTcard: A Nabatean Monastery

the Monastery at Petra

Last Updated on 01/24/21 by Rose Palmer

Most photos of Petra show the “Treasury” building which was made famous in the “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” movie. I actually liked ad-Deir or the “Monastery” a little better.

It takes some effort to get to ad-Deir –  you have to climb up 800+ steps – but it is well worth the effort. Across from the Monastery there is a refreshment tent where you can sit and enjoy some snacks and cool drinks as you take in the view. It was a nice break before exploring more of the sights in Petra.

Despite its name, it is not clear what this building was used for. Like all the structures in Petra, it was carved out of the hard rock by the Nabateans around 2000 years ago. It may have been just another over-the-top tomb like all the other buildings that are scattered throughout the Petra Archeological site.

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