2 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Awards for Quiltripping and Rose Palmer

Lowell Thomas awards for Quiltripping and Rose Palmer

Last Updated on 10/14/23 by Rose Palmer

I am thrilled to have received two Lowell Thomas awards this year from the SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) Foundation. This is THE premier competition in North America for Travel Journalism.

This year’s contest had 1430 entries and I am truly honored that my content received two awards in such a competitive field. In general, this competition rewards writers from the big name travel publications and this year was no exception. The winners included such acclaimed travel coontent producers as the New York Times, Travel and Leisure, National Geographic, and Rick Steves.

With this blog I have tried to share my travel experiences in a fun, useful, and intelligent way (while also making the Google gods happy). I strive to be creative and also instructive, while at the same time, documenting my journeys. I am humbled that the judges saw the value of this work.

My awards were:

Silver in the Travel Blog Category

Judge Comment: This is a topical, unexpected travel blog that’s easy to consume, whether reading about a barge trip through the Loire Valley in France or an adventure excursion in Laos on the Mekong River. The blog is about discovery, education and honest reflections. Smart word choices and sentence construction make for addictive reading that’s enjoyable and rewarding.

Honorable Mention in the Service Oriented Consumer Work category

Entry Title: Photographing In Antarctica – 19 Antarctica Photography Tips For All Skill Levels
Judge Comment: This story lives up to its title with 19 robust, excursion-tested pieces of advice for photographing in this once-in-a-lifetime locale. The writer invites readers along on a trip to the icy wonder and invokes its extraordinary sights and sounds while also dispensing knowledge gained from experience.


This has certainly been an inspiring motivator to keep writing, photographing, and sharing.


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