Get Thee to the Gedi Ruins

The atmospheric Gedi Ruins near the town of Watamu on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast are a fascinating visit. A trip to the Gedi Ruins can easily be arranged by your hotel and a local guide can bring the local history alive.

“Please! Tell Everyone we are here!” 

These were the parting words that my guide said to me as we finished the fascinating tour of the Gedi Ruins near Watamu, Kenya on the country’s Indian Ocean coast. After three hours of touring the site with him, I could understand why. Other than a local school group, I was the only tourist there.

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A Sunny Italian Kenya Beach Resorts Experience – My Favorite Alternative to the Seychelles

After two weeks in the Maasai Mara I was ready for some quiet and relaxing Kenya beach holidays. I found a boutique hotel and lots of soft, white sand at Jacaranda Beach. I am sharing my Kenya beach resorts experience to inspire your beach vacation in Kenya.

By the end of February my body and soul are usually quite winter weary. My soul needs some bright sunny days to lift it back up and my bones need warm sand and surf to lubricate the joints. After a two week citizen science conservation experience in Kenya’s Maasai Mara,  I also wanted to get in some Kenya beach holidays. But, I did not want to have to spend a lot of time or effort getting there. Jacaranda Beach on Kenya’s Coast was the perfect answer (and was my personal alternative to the Seychelles)

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PhotoPOSTcard: Early Morning Commute

I have seen this many times in Africa – women effortlessly carrying large loads balanced on their head as they easily walk from one place to another. In this case, it was early morning on Jacaranda Beach in Kenya, and this young woman was carrying a basket half as tall as she was, while wearing flip flops and walking in the shifting sand, taking supplies to one of the nearby beach restaurants. This must be the secret to why African women have such beautiful long and graceful lines to their figures.

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