My Lovely Two Days on Hydra Island, Greece

My two days on Hydra were the perfect way to recharge after a long flight to Greece. I am sharing my experiences including how to get to Hydra, things to do, my accommodations, and my favorite places to eat to inspire you to visit this lovely little island gem.

Greece is known for its many sunny islands which make them a popular holiday destination. But before visiting some of the most beautiful Greek islands on my dream luxury sailing cruise, I decided to get over my jet lag with two very relaxing days on the lovely little island of Hydra.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Hydra View from the Koundouriotis Mansion

Lazarus Koundouriotis was a successful shipping industry businessman. He supported the Greek War of Independence in 1821 by funding it with most of his wealth, which contributed greatly to the success of the war for the Greeks. His family’s home overlooking the harbor on the island of Hydra is now a popular museum which is part of the Greece National Historical Museum.

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