Dining Like a Princess – All the Regal Princess Dining Options Including the Chef’s Table Experience

In this Regal Princess dining review I share the many dining options available on a Regal Princess cruise, including my Chef’s Table experience

Regal Princess dining options

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I certainly didn’t lack for food choices on my Regal Princess cruise. Good food is an important aspect of a cruising experience, and each person has their own idea of what constitutes a good meal.

I am somewhat of a foodie, but I also like a tasty burger and fries. With the many food options on board a Princess ship I had no trouble finding something good to eat as I toured around the British Isles.

I shared all my information about the Regal Princess in my review: Cruising Like A Princess – A Complete Regal Princess Cruise Review With Photos. In this post I share information about all the dining expereinces on board.

Princess offers a variety of dining choices on all their ships. There are many complimentary dining venues available to everyone regardless of the fare package purchased. An additional charge applies to casual dining restaurants and specialty dining restaurants for those cruising with a standard fare and are included for those guests that purchased a Plus or Premier fare package.

Enjoying my favorite breakfast from the International Cafe on the Regal Princess
Enjoying my favorite breakfast from the International Cafe on the Regal Princess

Each day’s Princess Patter listed the operating hours for all the dining venues on board.

The Regal Princess dining options – complimentary dining

On my 12 day British Isles cruise aboard the Regal Princess, I had time to experience almost all of the dining venues on the ship. The Regal Princess had many complimentary dining options to choose from, all of which were part of a standard fare package.

Main Dining Rooms – Decks 5 and 6

The Regal Princess had three large, beautiful main dining rooms named around a musical theme: Symphony (deck 5 midship), Concerto (deck 6 midship), and Allegro (deck 6 aft). The Concerto dining room is also where the Reserve Collection dining was served.

Prawn cocktail starter
Prawn cocktail starter
Chicken Tika starter
Chicken Tika starter

With Princess’ Dine My Way program I could choose where and when to eat dinner in the main dining rooms. Some guests prefer to eat at the same time and in the same dining room each night.

I like to have a flexible schedule and prefer to mix it up, especially on port days when I can’t always be sure what time I will get back to the ship.

I could have made reservations for the dining rooms ahead of time on the Princes Cruise App. I think this is important for those travelling in a big group and want to eat together.

Since I normally cruise alone, I just showed up at the dining room of my choice and never had to wait very long to get seated at an individual table.

Pork schnitzel Vinoise
Pork schnitzel Vinoise
Risotto and lobster
Risotto and lobster

Each of the three main dining rooms were open for dinner every night and they all served the same menu. Every evening my dinner menu items varied and were a choice of new dishes along with a selection of Princess favorites. On my cruise, the Concerto dining room was also open for breakfast every day as well as lunch on sea days.

The main dining room menus clearly identified vegetarian options. Princess has also brought out an expanded vegan menu in its dining rooms which makes it easier for those that follow such a diet.

Princess Love Boat Dream
Princess Love Boat Dream
Chocolate mouse cake
Chocolate mouse cake

Afternoon tea

I love afternoon tea and try to attend on at least one of the sea days when it is offered. The servers walk around offering goodies from trays with delicate sandwiches, small pastries, and scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserves. They also offer pots of tea (I like to ask for earl grey, my favorite).

Afternoon tea on the Regal Princess
Afternoon tea on the Regal Princess

International Café – Deck 5

The International Café is one of my favorite food venues on a Princess ship. I am not a big breakfast eater, so I prefer to come here for a continental breakfast of almond croissant and a yogurt parfait. This was also a good spot for a quick lunch or a snack after I got back on board from an excursion.

The International Cafe was also the spot where I could indulge in specialty coffees and teas. The food at the International Cafe was part of the basic cost of the cruise, but the coffee was an extra charge unless I purchased one of the special fare packages offered by Princess.

This was the only food venue that was open 24 hours so it was always ready to satisfy my nighttime snack cravings as well.

Horizon Court and Bistro – Deck 16

The buffet on the Regal Princess was very large and had many, many choices at each meal. The full buffet was open during specified hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (the Princess Patter listed all the hours of operation).

In between each major meal rush, one section of the buffet was open as the staff set up for the next meal, so there was always something available to eat. The food service here closed late in the evening and was not open all night, but I could access the coffee, tea, and water station any time of day or night.

The food selections at the buffet were incredibly diverse. There was a salad bar, fruit station, sandwiches, a large variety of hot dishes, and a kid’s station with chicken nuggets and fries, just to name some of the many choices. The crepe station was a big hit when it was offered.

One of my favorite aspects about the buffet was the daily selection of internationals foods. Each day, one section of the buffet presented foods from a specific country. I had my choice of Italian, German, Asian street food, or Mongolian, just to name a few.  

Crepe station on the Regal Princess
Crepe station on the Regal Princess with all sorts of topping choices

Pastry Shop and Juice Bar – Deck 16

The Pastry Shop was where I went to indulge my sweet tooth when I ate at the buffet. I could always find a selection of sweets any time of day (good for my sweet tooth but not so much for my waistline).

The fresh juice bar was also located here. Fresh squeezed juices were included with the cost of some of the special  fare packages, otherwise, there was an extra charge.

Just dome of the options in the Pastry Shop
Just dome of the options in the Pastry Shop

Prego Pizzeria – Deck 16

Prego Pizza was my other go to for a quick bite during the day or a snack after an excursion. A couple of slices of pizza and a salad from the buffet made a great lunch.

Princess says they have the “best pizza at sea” – I agree that it’s quite good. Each day there was a choice of a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, or a daily special like vegetarian or Hawaiian.

Trident Grill – Deck 16

The Trident Grill satisfied my burger, fries, tacos, or hot dog cravings.  It was often very busy midday as the pool crowd got their lunch here, but not busy at all in the evening. A burger and fries while watching a favorite film on Movies Under the Stars is one of my favorite Princess cruise activities.

Swirls – Deck 16

The soft serve ice cream was a nice treat each day.

Ice cream cone from Sirls on the Regal Princes
Reserve dining in the Symphony dining room

Room service on the Discovery Princess

I always look forward to getting room service breakfast delivered when I am on a Princess cruise. For me, sitting on the balcony in my pjs with a cup of steaming tea and enjoying some smoked salmon or an almond croissant while watching the ocean is the ultimate luxury experience.

To have breakfast delivered to my stateroom, I filled out the dedicated card with the items I wanted and hung it outside on the doorknob the night before. Then, next morning I had my breakfast delivered at the specified time.

my room service breakfast on the Regal Princess
Enjoying my room service breakfast

Travel Tip: When I took this cruise, there was no charge for ordering a room service breakfast when using the dedicated cards. Ordering room service by other means (via the app or by phone) incurred an extra cover charge depending on whether I had purchased one of the special fare packages or not.

Other included dining opportunities

Suite, along with Platinum and Elite loyalty guests also had other included dining opportunities.

Reserve dining

For guests booked in a Reserve class mini suite or a full suite, a section of the Concerto main dining room was set aside for their exclusive use. Reserve dining included a menu with additional choices, a dedicated wait staff, and seating without any wait time or the need for a reservation.

Platinum and Elite members cocktail hour

For Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle members, a daily reception was offered in the early evening which was usually held in the Vista Lounge. A beautifully presented selection of small bites made for a nice appetizer before dinner. Discounted drinks were also available.

Captain's Circle cocktail hour
Captain’s Circle cocktail hour

Concierge Lounge – Deck 14

For suite guests, the Concierge Lounge also provided a wide selection of foods and beverages throughout the day.

Breakfast at Sabatini’s

Suite guests also have the option to eat breakfast in Sabatini’s specialty restaurant. I understand the made to order menu is very good.

Casual dining on the Discovery Princess

Travel tip: Princess Cruises offers different types of booking packages that include drinks, gratuities, dining and more. Depending on the type of package purchased (or not), extra fees may be incurred for casual and specialty dining.

I share all the details explaining the Plus and Premier Princess drinks and fare packages:  Princess Cruises Drinks Packages and Fare Packages – Which One is Best?

Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar – Deck 7

I enjoyed eating sushi at the Ocean Terrace Seafood bar a few times during my cruise. I liked getting a sushi roll or two for lunch or as a snack after an excursion.

There is also the option to get a set menu for a fixed price, but that is a lot of food and I prefer to pick a specific roll. All the sushi and sashimi were prepared fresh in front of me and was very good.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria – Deck 6

As one of the Princess’ casual dining restaurants, Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a sit down restaurant that offered a set menu which let me choose an appetizer, a pizza or pasta dish, and a dessert. I could also have ordered just an individual pizza of my choice if I didn’t want that much food.

Pizza at Alfredo's
My pizza at Alfredo’s

Note that eating at Alfredo’s was an extra charge without the Plus or Premier fare package.

Vines – Deck 5

Vines was a wine bar on Regal Princes where I had the chance to try a variety of  wines from all over the world. It was also one of the casual dining restaurants on board.

The menu offered a charcuterie plate that came with cured meats, cheeses, crudités, and truffles for dessert.  I didn’t get the chance to try this on the Regal, but I did enjoy it as a light dinner with a glass of wine while on the Majestic Princess.

Casual dining at Vines on the Majestic Princess
Casual dining at Vines on the Majestic Princess

Gelato – Deck 5

I love, love, love gelato! I had to restrain myself not to eat here every day, though I did treat myself frequently throughout the cruise.

I also tried one of the fancy specialty dessert ice cream sundays. It was good and very filling and definitely something that I could indulge in only once or twice during my trip.

Note that my Gelato orders was an extra charge and was not included in any of the Princess fare packages, though the specialty desserts were included in some of the fare packages.

specialty ice cream dessert on the Regal Princess
One of the specialty ice cream desserts I had on the Regal Princess

Regal Princess specialty dining  restaurants

I like to eat at one of the specialty restaurants on my first night onboard the ship to celebrate the beginning of a new cruise. For me, it sets the tone for the rest of the trip.

I usually do try each of the specialty restaurants at least once per cruise. Menus for the Princess specialty restaurants can be found here.

Crown Grill – Deck  7

I am not a big meat eater, but I do enjoy an occasional steak dinner at the Crown Grill and have had many good fillet cuts on other Princess ships. Even though the menu caters primarily to meat lovers and features a variety of steak cuts for the main course, this time I was in the mood for seafood and chose the Chilean sea bass.

The meal was four courses which was a lot of food. I began with seared jumbo sea scallops, salmon caviar and herb beurre blanc starter. I followed this with one of my favorites, the black and blue onion soup. After the Chilean sea bass main, I finished the meal with a salted caramel crème brulee cheesecake.

As always, this meal didn’t disappoint me.

Sabatini’s – Deck 5

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Italian food? Sabatini’s always satisfies my pasta and cheese cravings. This time I started with a delicious antipasto plate, a lovely tomato soup, and followed it with a pasta, pesto, lemon, and arugula first course. For the second course I chose a classic slice of lasagna. I finished the evening with the mix of small bite desserts accompanied by a glass of limoncello. It was soooo much food but oh soooo good!

Crab Shack pop up – Deck 5

The Crab Shack Pop Up is back on a number of the Princess cruise ships, including the Regal Princess. Since this was a pop-up, as the name implies, this dining venue was not available all the time. It was offered for lunch in the Crown Grill on a sea day-the Princess Patter or the dining line had the most up to date information. The meal was a set menu with a choice of a soup, a seafood pot, and a dessert.

I wasn’t able to get to the Crab Shack on the Regal, but I did have it recently on both the Discovery Princess and the Majestic Princess and loved it. Both times I had the Alaskan shellfish chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl, and then followed by the Alaskan seafood pot which was a huge serving of king crab legs, shrimp, and mussels. I finished the meal with a key lime cheesecake dessert.

Alaskan seafood pot from the Crab Shack pop up
Alaskan seafood pot from the Crab Shack pop up

Special Experiential Dining on the Regal Princess 

Besides all these many food venues, Princess also offers some great special dining expereinces that are a foodie’s delight or are just a great way to celebrate that once in a lifetime moment.

Ultimate balcony dining

The ultimate balcony dining experience is available for both breakfast or dinner. I’ve experienced the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast Dining which was one step above room service and truly was the ultimate way to indulge and relax on a sea day.

Ultimate balcony breakfast
Ultimate balcony breakfast

The room service attendant delivered a lot of food and set it up beautifully on my balcony table. There was a plate of fruit, a small ham and cheese quiche set on top of a green leaf salad, toasted English muffins with salmon and cream cheese, a plate with breakfast pastries, a carafe of hot water and tea (I could also have had coffee), orange juice, and a small bottle of authentic champagne so I could make a mimosa.

There was no way I could eat so much food in one sitting so some of this became a snack for later in the day.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the adults only retreat at the front of the ship. This space can book up quickly on a cruise, so if I want time in the Sanctuary during a cruise I go up to there as soon as I board and reserve a lounge chair for my chosen day.

I could reserve a lounger for a half day or a full day depending on what I want to do. The Sanctuary had its own menu of light snacks and meals and there was also the Sanctuary version of afternoon tea which I’ve always liked.

The Sanctuary on the Regal Princess
The Sanctuary on the Regal Princess

On this particular cruise I didn’t have a lot of sea days and chose not to use the Sanctuary but I have enjoyed it on other Princess ships.

Caymus Winemaker Dinner

Princess cruise lines has partnered with the renowned Caymus Vineyard from Napa Valley to develop a wine and meal pairing just for their Royal Class ships. The menu and the wine pairing was designed specifically for this Princess experience by Caymus Vineyards’ founder Chuck Wagner.

I’ve tried the Caymus winemaker dinner on both the Discovery Princess and the Majestic Princess. The menu and wine pairings were the same on both ships and it was all very delicious.

Caymus wine and dessert
Caymus wine and dessert

Like the Chef’s Table dinner, I had to reserve this special event once I was on board the ship. I described my Caymus Winemaker dinner experience in the post  A Taste of All the Discovery Princess Dining Options Including the 360 Experience.

Chef’s Table Lumiere

I like to try the Chef’s table dinner whenever possible on a Princess cruise. The Chef’s Table is offered a limited number of times on each sailing with about 10-12 guests per sitting. I called the dining department as soon as I got on board the ship to express my interest in taking part and to get my name on their list.

Travel tip: The Chef’s Table can only be reserved on the ship and cannot be booked ahead of time. There was an extra fee for this dinner, and I could purchase it with or without a wine pairing.

The Chef's Table Lumiere in the allegro dining room on the Regal Princess
The Chef’s Table Lumiere in the allegro dining room on the Regal Princess

This meal was served at the beautiful, specially designed Chef’s Table Lumiere table in the Allegro dining room. I am sharing my menu though it may be different with each head chef on board.

Hors D’Oeuvres and Champagne

Citrus Salmon Gravalax

Greek Salad and Cheese

Chickpea and Strawberry Compote Slider

Sturgeon Caviar and Steamed Potato

Seared Ahi Tune


Rich Fresh Tomato Soup, Bsill, Tomato and Cheese Sable

First Course

Saffron Risotto Milanese, Veal Ossobuco and Parmigiana Reggiano Crackling


Aperol and Prosecco sorbet

Main course

Pancetta Wrapped Gorgonzola stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Beer Batter Fried Main Lobster

Mushroom Medley

Potatoes Nest


Milk Chocolate and Espresso Dalgona Mousse, Vanilla Bean Gelato 

Coffee and tea served with Homemade Gourmandizes

Ordering via the Ocean Now app

One of the best features of the Princess App while on board was the ability to order a drink or food and have it delivered wherever I was sitting. If I wanted something to drink or eat I could have it brought to me anywhere on the ship.

There was a one time per person delivery fee with the standard fare package. However, the cost of delivery was included with the Plus and Premier packages.

Ordering via the Ocean Now app
Ordering via the Ocean Now app

Behind the scenes on a Princess kitchen tour

On our last sea day, I enjoyed a cooking demonstration in the theater followed by a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen. It was fun to see how large the space was and to get a quick glimpse into what it takes to feed over 3000 guests

Once again, my Regal Princess dining expereinces didn’t disappoint. I certainly had more than enough options as both my scale and my pants waistband can attest to.


Please note that I received some media perks from Princess Cruises. All content and opinions are my own.


Links to all my cruising content, including all my other Princess cruises, can be found on my Experience – Cruising page.


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