PhotoPOSTcard: Waiting – Because Not Every Old Geyser is Faithful

At Castle Geyser in Yellowstone

Last Updated on 09/20/19 by quiltripping

I am not sure why we have a fascination with watching the geysers erupt at Yellowstone National Park, but we do.

People gather around Old Faithful by the hundreds, stopping whatever they are doing to wait for the pyroclastic show. Unlike Old Faithful, which goes off about every 90 minutes on a fairly regular schedule, the other geysers in the area are more fickle. The rangers post a rough predicted eruption time, but for all these other geysers, the time variance for the prediction can be plus or minus hours, or even days.

In this case, we were waiting on the Castle Geyser which erupts about every 10-12 hours with a roughly 90 foot burst. We waited. And Waited. And waited some more. Occasionally we would get little bursts of steam that teased us into thinking it was about to blow, but then just ended up being false starts.

It started raining and after a while, most people gave up and left. Except for this couple who just hunkered down and kept waiting. Eventually, their patience paid off and Castle Geyser did its thing, but it was quite a bit later than the predicted time.

So, if you want to see other geysers erupt while you are at Yellowstone, make sure you bring lots of time and patience along with you.

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