PhotoPOSTcard: The African Saddle Billed Stork

African saddle billed stork

Last Updated on 10/14/20 by quiltripping

I knew I would see many amazing mammals on our game drives in Africa. What I did not expect was to see so many unique and beautiful birds as well. We were fortunate to get a close up view of this beautiful African saddle billed stork as it was feeding in the wetlands of Amboseli National Park. With a height of about 5 feet, it is the tallest stork in the world. These stunning birds are territorial and do not migrate. A male and female mate for life, and unlike many other bird species, the male and female have similar coloring, except that the male has brown eyes and the female will have yellow eyes. As this female took off to fly away, we experienced its 8-9 foot wingspan first hand – a breathtaking sight.

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