PhotoPOSTcard: A Traditional Maasai Dance

Maasai jumping dance

Last Updated on 10/14/20 by Rose Palmer

Our tour in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve included a visit to a typical Maasai village. Since the Maasai live in the areas around some of the most visited parks and reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, they are one of the best known tribes in East Africa. Our visit started with a traditional Maasai dance demonstration by the young men of the village. During one portion of the dance, one or two men would move forward and jump straight up in the air as high as they could, while the rest of the men continued their chanting. We later learned that the purpose of this jumping dance was to demonstrate their ability as a warrior and attract a bride. As the adult men danced and jumped, one of the village’s small boys joined the demonstration, attempting to mimic the movements of his older role models.

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