Photo POSTcard: “Prost” in Munich

Last Updated on 08/22/20 by quiltripping

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You had better be very thirsty if ordering a beer at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. A standard glass of “helles” (light) or “dunkel” (dark) is a liter of brew.

The original Hofbrauhaus opened in Munich in 1589, and has been in continuous operation since.  After Oktoberfest, the Hofbrauhaus is the second most popular tourist attraction in Munich.  Though it is also very popular with locals.  Regular patrons get their own reserved tables as well as a dedicated storage area to hang their beer steins when not in use.

The Hofbrauhaus is now also a franchise, with other locations in Germany as well as  a number of locations throughout the US including Newport, Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  and Chicago, Illinois.  All places I have lived – coincidence?

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