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It always seems impossible till it's done-Nelson Mandella

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Photo Location – Covered Wagon quilt block on the Quilt Barn Trail just outside of Forest Grove, in the Tualaltin Valley, Oregon. This quilt block and the Nelson Mandella quote are appropriate together in so many different ways.

This quilt block hangs on Lyle Spiesschaert’s century barn outside of Forest Grove, OR. Lyle’s great grandfather traveled the Oregon trail in a covered wagon from Illlinois to Verbort OR in 1884. It was a long, arduous and dangerous journey for the pioneers that attempted this major life change. But those that succeeded, found good land that could be successfully farmed with lots of hard work.

This Quilt Barn Trail block is number 22 in a multi year project with a goal to hang 60 blocks on barns in the Tualatin Valley, Oregon. This has been a labor of love for Julie Mason who initiated and has spearheaded the idea of a Quilt Barn Trail since 2012. Despite facing many challenges, Julie, fellow quilter Jane Fouste, the Westside Quilter’s Guild, and a group of volunteers persevered and have hung up 50 blocks to date.

And finally, for anyone who has ever started making a quilt, especially a large or complicated pattern, when you first start, it feels like it will never be done. But eventually, after many, many, many hours of cutting, sewing, ripping out, sewing some more, quilting and binding, it is done. And it is beautiful.

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