Big Bend Lodging: Finding Paradise in Eve’s Garden B&B

Big Bend lodging at Eve;s Garden B&B in Marathon, TX

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I like to find interesting and funky accommodations when I travel. That’s not saying that I don’t stay at chain hotels when I just need a quick night’s sleep as I move from one location to another. But when I want to experience the real personality of a destination, then I prefer to stay in a unique local establishment. My first night’s Big Bend lodging at Eve’s Garden B&B in Marathon, TX was one of the most unique, colorful and tasty stays I have ever had.

A truly unique Big Bend lodging option

Eve's Garden B&B
Eve’s Garden B&B

It is fortunate that in Marathon, Texas, which is the northern gateway town into Big Bend National Park, there are no chain hotels in sight. There is however, the colorful and whimsical option in the form of Eve’s Garden B&B. This labor of love was started in 1999 and is run by Kate Thayer with help from her son Noble Baker and daughter-in-law Alaine Berg.

The architecture of the B&B is uncommon in many ways. The obvious unusual elements that are visible are the paint box use of color and the many nooks, crannies and alcoves in which the seven guest rooms are set. Underneath all this, there is also an environmentally friendly alternative adobe construction that makes use of papercrete – a significantly lighter version of concrete.

Seating areas in the inner courtyard

Kate and Alaine have evolved into expert papercrete builders. They use recycled paper and styrofoam along with the more traditional ingredients of concrete, sand and clay to make light, durable and fire resistant 7 lb papercrete blocks. With these blocks, they have expanded the original four room house into a large and welcoming guest home that is filled with charming details and extra amenities.

The list of amenities is extensive for a B&B. There is an indoor lap pool, an outdoor courtyard with a fire pit, a star viewing deck, and a covered courtyard with a fountain, fish pond and multiple intimate seating areas. And of course, there is the indoor greenhouse garden that gives the B&B its name, with its roses, bougainvillea, wisteria and numerous other plants.

The indoor lap pool
The indoor lap pool

I had the Garden guest room which was bright and comfortable and had a king sized bed. With its domes, arches and color scheme, I felt like I was in old Mexico. I especially appreciated the extra little touches – the fresh flowers, the fluffy towels and great smelling toiletries, and the mini fridge.

It was all the details throughout the setting that really appealed to me. The colorful walls accented with all forms of Mexican Talavera pottery that added decorative touches in every space. Vignettes set up with a variety of art speak to Kate’s creative background. And then there are the pets – Bubbles the dog and the two cats. Their antics add an additional level of entertainment.

Eve’s Garden B&B also offers entertainment in the form of a music concert series throughout the season.  On various weekend evenings, local Big Bend area musicians entertain locals and visitors alike. You can check out the latest concert schedule on the website here .

Then there is the second B – the breakfast. Not only was it ample, delicious and hearty, the ingredients are locally sourced which not only lets them know where the food is coming from, but also helps to keep the money in the community. The morning I was there I was served buttermilk ricotta pancakes with homemade lemon curd and blueberries, goat milk yogurt with fresh fruit, bourbon finished venison sausage, fresh squeezed OJ and blueberry-pomegranate juice. The presentation was fittingly colorful, and the food tasted as good as it looked.

Sadly, my schedule only allowed me to spend one night at Eve’s Garden B&B before heading into Big Bend National Park and all the activities I had planned there. I would have loved to spend a few more nights, enjoying the colorful ambiance and the fantastic breakfast, and also exploring more of what the town of Marathon had to offer. Next time.

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